iEvolve programme

iEvolve is our gateway programme into the transformational educational work of Concord Institute. It offers a new engagement with life which acts as a springboard to catapult our lives into the unknown of evolutionary possibility.

Dates: December 1, 2, 3 and the evening of December 6

Other Programmes

The Foundation Course

The aim of The Foundation Course is to secure the breakthrough achieved in iEvolve by establishing an integrated body-mind foundation. The course takes place over four weekend sessions and ten evening sessions.

Dates: Autumn Programme October – December 2017

basic alchemy

Basic Alchemy – the essentials of macrobiotics and Oriental healing

This intensive workshop is both educational and interactive. The goal is to bring new clarity to each person’s understanding of health and healing.

Dates: 29, 30 September, 1 October 2017

Mastery of Whole Food Cooking

Mastery of Wholefood and Macrobiotic Cooking

The course is a one-year in-depth study of wholefood and macrobiotic cooking under the tutelage of Jean Torne, world-renowned master wholefood chef and cooking instructor.

Dates: Autumn Programme September – November 2017


A course on human relationships. In particular, it is about what is made possible when human beings do connect with each other in an authentic heart-space. The claim made herein is not only do we not meet each other open-heartedly.

2017 Dates: 10, 11, 12 November and evening of 15 November

Autumn Cooking Intensive

In this week-long cooking course, we will practise cooking so that we may incorporate new habits and widen our repertoire of simple dishes.

Dates: 19-25 November 2017