Dancing with the Seasons – A Joyful Cooking Intensive with Mutsuko Johnson!

Mutsuko is a joyful Japanese cook who has practiced the art of Macrobiotic home cooking for herself and her family for 40 years.

In this 6-day Intensive, she’ll be sharing the incredible opportunity of cooking delicious whole foods and dancing with the seasons so health and vitality can flow in abundance!

A note from Mutsuko about what she’ll be sharing with her students in this Cooking Intensive:

When I have an opportunity to share whole food home cooking, my heart sparkles!

Sustainable is a popular word… but we do not often consider it in the context of our cooking practice. And yet, creating a sustainable whole foods home cooking practice creates our most important foundation of life… our well being! If we are not healthy, we can not enjoy life… even the simplest things like taking a walk, breathing deeply, appreciating a beautiful day or enjoying eating!

It is so important to be well, to fulfill our dreams, our passion for life!

Simple whole foods home cooking creates our inner peace from our core.
It creates harmony of energy from within.
It creates happiness from the inside with abundance of foods.
It creates deep appreciation of life that we are here and now.

Each food has a purpose and serves us as gift from nature. When we learn how to dance with incredible power of the foods, we can be a great dancer which means we can do our best to prevent getting sick.

What a joy it is!!

Being in the kitchen creates a space of meditation.
Being with fresh foods vibrates our body into music!
Each food has a different sound!
We can be a conductor with endless joy!

Listen to the sound of the music in the kitchen as we cook…
We pick the foods, washing the vegetables, running water, sound of water is soothing…
Cutting vegetables on the cutting board… with rhythm…tan, tan, tan… ta ta ta ta ta…
We wash the rice with love and care…
Turn on the stove, the sizzling sound in the skillet…
What joyful music our cooking creates!


Nothing fixed, we can be an artist!

We can paint our meals into existence, on the chopping board, on the plate when we serve…
Colour, colour, colour…
What colours do we want to paint today?
What is in season? What can we get?
What do I want to eat? Or family or friends want to eat?
Who’s eating?
How are they?
Let’s create for them!
We dance with the foods, with the music of the kitchen, with life!

Happy cooking!