Being Here, Present Now

The question is often asked, “Where do we go from here?” Yet wherever we go, we are always here.

We never really arrive in the future. Like tomorrow, it is always at least an increment away. Still, we are always here. Shall we not dedicate some time to explore this ‘here’?

OK. We can acknowledge the fact that our bodies are here … yet are we present now? Or are we immersed in thought – opinions, desires, going over things past, daydreaming or projecting about the future? Are we on automatic pilot or lost in media? Distraction is a prevalent condition.

There is nothing wrong with such diversions per se. However we humans, habitually and/or unconsciously, tend to let this tendency consume most of our life. Are we saving the ‘being here, present now’ just for occasions such as an imminent departure or death, ours or that of a dear friend or relative and a few other rare and poignant circumstances? Can this deeper dimension be a reliable ingredient in our everyday living?

In the course of this workshop, our principal engagement will be in noticing our behaviour, both as an individual and as a group, as it is occurring. Inasmuch as thought directs energy, by bringing attention to our behavior in the present, we have the opportunity to observe the structure and movement of our thought forms – the what does what – from the higher plane of awareness. Awareness is intrinsically a non-doing. Although we cannot do it, we can notice our not being aware. Paradoxically, this recognition of distraction is the dawning of awareness.

The fundamentals of this workshop are sublimely simple. There is very little new information needed to learn. With just a few guidelines, we attend to what is occurring moment by moment – simply and without specific technique. Learning or unlearning (as the case may be) occur in the context of everyone’s participation and, most importantly, from realizations catalyzed by one’s own direct experience.

Our exploration occurs through dialogue, focused awareness sessions, exercises, games, and whatever extemporarily arises.

Why would you choose to engage in Being Here, Present Now?
If you feel drawn to do so, that is reason enough.

Our engagement is not about changing, working on, or fixing your self. It addresses an evolutionary impulse for releasing no-longer- needed limitations of past conditioning through the light of awareness, allowing the Self that is already whole and radiant to unfold.

Participants from previous similar events credit their experience with…

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