The aim of this programme is to transform your experience of work from being based on strength of will to being based on energetic resonance, so that rather than pursuing a future you are able to let one find you.

What do you go to when you go to work?

Who are you when you’re there?

What is the future that’s looking for you?

Using interactive dialogue and Social Dreaming, the weekend will explore the difference between DOING business and BEING in business.

Usually, commitment is perceived as an expression of strong will, which one uses to motivate oneself to overcome resistance in the environment. In other words, commitment is like a sledge hammer we use to make real our intentions in the world. In this course, you’ll have an opportunity to combine the wisdom of the body with your deepest intuition to shift your orientation to your work from strength of will to energetic integrity. Energetic integrity occurs when your work and your commitment are aligned harmoniously in the energy field you are. Commitment is then like a gateway through which the future that is looking for you can find you.

For more than 20 years, David Norris has worked as an international educator, consultant, programme designer and course leader for individuals and organisations.