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Recipe: Irish Soda Bread

Published: Wednesday,28 September, 2016

A wholesome and delicious recipe from Concord Institute chef and cooking facilitator Niall Allen

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The Foundation Course Review

Published: Wednesday,21 September, 2016

Recent graduate of The Foundation Course, Phil Davies, reflects on his experience of the programme.

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Recipe: Red Dragon Pie

Published: Thursday,15 September, 2016

Recipe for Red Dragon Pie by acclaimed macrobiotic chef and teacher Melanie Waxman perfect for this changeable time of year as one season blends into another. Please note – does not contain real dragons…

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Basic Alchemy: An Interview with Michael Rossoff

Published: Wednesday,7 September, 2016

Macrobiotic teacher and counsellor Michael Rossoff shares his experience of training in Macrobiotics and what to expect from his programme Basic Alchemy.

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Recipe: Polenta, Onion Jam and Roast Veg

Published: Wednesday,31 August, 2016

A simple, beautiful recipe to celebrate the abundance of Summer! Polenta, onion jam and roasted vegetables.

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The Experience of iEvolve

Published: Friday,5 August, 2016

Looking towards to our upcoming August event, recent graduates of the programme share what led them to Concord and their experiences of iEvolve.

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James Carse Book Review

Finite & Infinite Games

Published: Thursday,17 September, 2015

reviewed by Tim Crowther “The rules of the finite game may not change; the rules of the infinite game must change. Finite players play within boundaries. Infinite players play with […]

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Owen Barfield

“History, Guilt & Habit” by Owen Barfield

Published: Thursday,27 August, 2015

Reviewed by Troy Vine Owen Barfield’s short book “History, Guilt and Habit” reproduces three lectures given to an audience in Vancouver in 1979, making this his last addition to a […]

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Community Meetings

Published: Saturday,29 November, 2014

Here community member Dan Sherlock explains a bit about the Concord Community Meetings which have become a vital part of the organisation over the past year. ‘The six-weekly Concord hub days and […]

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As once the winged energy of delight

Published: Thursday,27 November, 2014

As once the winged energy of delight carried you over childhood’s dark abysses, now beyond your own life build the great arch of unimagined bridges. Wonders happen if we can […]

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