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Pumpkin Pie

Published: Friday,7 November, 2014

Proving that even wholefoods still has it’s fair share of treats, here is Francoise Auvray’s recipe for a delicious Pumpkin Pie inspired by the book ‘The Natural Gourmet’ by Annemarie Colbin. Crust ingredients: […]

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Ode: Intimations of Immortality

Published: Wednesday,29 October, 2014

Today’s post is an excerpt from Ode on Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood by English poet William Wordsworth. Written in two parts, the poem forms a dialogue […]

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Being in Business

Published: Thursday,23 October, 2014

  Community member Andi Osho interviewed Being in Business course facilitator David Norris to find out more about the extraordinary weekend workshop that questions the fundamental understanding of ‘work’. To find […]

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Food & Transformation

Published: Friday,17 October, 2014

There is more to food than simply being fuel for the body. Cooking is a key element of the work undertaken at Concord Institute and is used to support and anchor […]

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Sonnets to Orpheus

Published: Wednesday,15 October, 2014

Written during what Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke described as a ‘savage creative storm’, the Sonnets to Orpheus invoke the mythological figure of the poet Orpheus whilst serving as a metaphor for Rilke’s own self-reflection. […]

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Pumpkin Soup

Published: Thursday,9 October, 2014

Now that a new season is upon us, it is an wonderful opportunity to adapt the food we eat to the changing weather. Autumn is a time for harvest and abundance with […]

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Sourdough Olive Focaccia

Published: Wednesday,1 October, 2014

Community member Nicholas Allan is the owner and head chef of the Star Anise Cafe in Stroud and regularly cooks delicious wholefoods for Concord programmes such as iEvolve, Jumpstart and The […]

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Bodywork Being

Published: Tuesday,23 September, 2014

Amanda James is one of the core bodywork facilitators at Concord, here she describes her experience of ‘bodywork’, how developing a regular practice can aid us in many areas of our lives and […]

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Why iEvolve…?

Published: Wednesday,17 September, 2014

iEvolve is the gateway programme to the work of Concord Institute and a powerful introduction to transformation. A portal to a new way of being, the programme invites participants to engage […]

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The Limitless Potential Within Everything

Published: Friday,5 September, 2014

A thought-provoking article by John Assaraf who breaks down the quantum theory that ‘the  physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into and out of being’.  Exploring the difference […]

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