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Published: Friday,29 August, 2014

In addition to teaching students how to cook delicious and wholesome meals on her Summer Cooking Intensive, Mutsuko Johnson also introduced the participants to some home remedies which may have […]

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Traveller, There Is No Path

Published: Thursday,7 August, 2014

Spanish poet Antonio Machado was part of the Generation of ’98 – a wider network of novelists, poets and thinkers that was active in Spain at the time of the Spanish-American War in 1898. Through this socially minded group Machado was […]

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Beyond Energy

Published: Wednesday,30 July, 2014

In his recent essay in the New York Times, George Johnson reflects on the ways in which current scientific theories effect our understanding of the ultimate nature of the universe, and the […]

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The True Joy in Life

Published: Thursday,17 July, 2014

Today’s post is a quote from the play Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw. First performed in 1905, the four-act drama was Shaw’s response to calls for him to […]

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Hand-rolled Sushi

Published: Thursday,10 July, 2014

Traditional meets modern in this recipe from Mutsuko Johnson who taught it to the participants on her cooking workshop last year. During the course Mutsuko introduced foods from all over Japan, […]

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Blueberry Pie

Published: Friday,4 July, 2014

Another delicious recipe from Japanese macrobiotic chef Mutsuko Johnson. Today its Blueberry Pie which Mutsuko taught to the participants of the Seasonal Cooking Intensive last summer at Concord. Blueberry Pie Pastry Ingredients: 11/2 […]

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The Stranger

Published: Wednesday,2 July, 2014

To start the week here is an excerpt from The Stranger by French-Algerian author, journalist and philosopher Albert Camus. Published in 1942, the novel is regarded as one of the […]

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Taster Days

Published: Monday,30 June, 2014

To start the week we hear from community member Anna Halsall who is the coordinator for the new ‘Taster Days’ at Concord. Here Anna tells us what to expect from […]

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Seasonal Kitchen with Mutsuko Johnson

Published: Friday,27 June, 2014

Community member Andy West participated in Mutsuko Johnson‘s Seasonal Cooking Intensive course, which he then reviewed for the Concord newsletter in the Autumn. Here he describes the different techniques taught […]

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Carly Ashdown

Published: Tuesday,24 June, 2014

Today we hear from community member Carly Ashdown who took a huge leap to become a professional artist. Here she speaks about the role that Concord has played in her life and […]

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