The Concord Institute School of Culinary Arts is dedicated to helping people take an evolutionary step in supporting their lives though food.

The energy we gain from food plays a powerful role in how we experience our lives day to day. Our intention is to help students to connect more deeply with the life force of the earth through food; to learn to trust our intuition in making conscious and responsible decisions around the food we buy and eat; to embrace tradition and heritage while adapting to the times we find ourselves in.

After years of experimentation and embracing both traditional and modern sources, eastern and western, the teachers at Concord Institute have worked to distill this vast realm of knowledge down to simple, easily-taught basics that can enable even the most inexperienced cook to create tasty, nourishing and beautiful meals.

Concord Institute Cooking IntensiveWinter Cooking Intensive
Dates: 19 – 25 February 2017
Price: £525 (deposit £150, non-refundable)