Concord Institute iEvolve

iEvolve is our gateway educational programme into the transformational work of Concord Institute. It takes place over three full days and one evening.

The programme’s rigorous process of self-enquiry offers a new engagement with life that is at once redemptive, yet at the same time acts as a springboard to catapult our lives into the unknown of evolutionary possibility.

It is our contention that human being exists within an immense field of possibility, but one of which it has little knowledge and even less access. This state of affairs reminds us of the Japanese proverb which asserts that a frog in a well cannot comprehend the ocean.

Human being has “fallen” into a narrow world in which the rules of the game have already been set, the pathways laid down, and the winners and losers already chosen – or at the very least – understood.We are each of us dealt a particular hand in life, that is, we arrive at birth into a unique set of circumstances that belong to us alone, which include among other things our family, our town or village, our culture, our ethnicity, as well as a religious and historical context. At first, we dwell in a kind of original innocence or indifference which can last for several years. Then, inevitably, we are educated in the “rules of the game”, i.e. are given a description of the world and are taught how to conform to what is expected of us at home and in the world. The majority get with the programme, a few rebel, and still fewer attempt to create a new game. Yet all options take place in the same well.

Accordingly, we begin to lose that original wholeness and innocence. A general dissonance or separation arises between our inner and outer realities, and over time this leads to an estrangement or alienation. A character or personality begins to take shape whose job it is to deal with all these expectations, as well to resolve the discord, heal the alienation and restore the original wholeness — literally to fix what’s wrong with either itself (me), the others (them), or the world (it). That becomes the game. It mesmerizes us to no end and captures our awareness, usually until we die.

In the i Evolve programme using concrete examples taken from our lives, we examine the ontological structure or dimensionality by which we come to know our self and our world. For the frog this would be acquiring the ability to distinguish its particular worldhood (the well) and sense of self (frogness) given by that world. What becomes apparent in this inquiry is that the time has come to leave the “well”, not merely as some philosophical speculation, but really…experientially. It is time for an evolutionary leap.

The evolutionary process, as we see it, occurs not in any smooth progression but in a non-linear movement or leap that propels us from one worldspace or dimensionality to another. It is our premise that human being has arrived at such an evolutionary threshold. i Evolve is designed to facilitate this next step. It is what the late Indian philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti, once referred to as “freedom from the known”.

In terms of results, participants who have completed the programme credit it with providing them with a new level of vitality and aliveness, a new ease in self-expression and dealing with others, a greater level of effectiveness in one’s professional life and a lifting of the shadow of resignation and cynicism.

Anyone with an interest in the iEvolve programme is welcome to call our office on 020 7607 1140 to have a conversation about the programme and how it might benefit you.

iEvolve Guest Evenings:


Dates: Thursday 2nd November
Time: 7-9pm
Price: Free
Location: Concord Institute, 2-4 Thane Works, off Thane Villas, London, N7 7NU
Call to book: 020 7607 1140

Dates: Thursday 2nd November
Time: 7-9pm
Price: Free
Location: Star Anise Arts Cafe, Stroud
Call to book: Please call Nicholas Allan on 07875 488 956 or our office on 0207 6071140


”I had reached a point in my life of depletion, where I knew things had to change. I was already doing some inner work and I wondered, ‘Would doing the iEvolve programme be unnecessary given all the work that I am already doing?’
I now realise that doing iEvolve was absolutely necessary. Since iEvolve I see clearly what is underlying the pattern that I have repeated all my life. This pattern was creating a depletion that I was previously trying to resolve myself from within my story. Now I have one foot in and one foot out of my story, and I find that I have the beginnings of real choice. I am able to feel when I am being drawn in to my pattern, be aware of it, and then choose where to go from there. This is the beginning of a very exciting awakening!”

Leila, Academic GP

“iEvolve has given me a new perspective on life which is unlike anything I’ve achieved through therapy. I know myself differently now and I’m taking responsibility and being more assertive about the things that really matter. The food was amazing, but most of all it was the people. To go through a journey like this with such diverse, open and supportive people was incredibly powerful. The fact we’re keeping in touch is testament to the relationships we developed – both during the course and beyond. Thank you Sheila and everyone else who made it possible.”

Beth, Sustainability Consultant

“i Evolve is a unique programme and a wonderful experience that kick-started my journey of self-discovery.
It helped me achieve a deep sense of awareness and gain the power to control my life. In a short period of time I was able to change the way I relate to the world and to open up to the opportunities that life has to offer. But most of all i-Evolve made me realize that the future is what you make of it now.”

Laura, Creative Director