JumpStart is a seven-day residential programme that seeks to assist people in breaking free of unrewarding and unhealthy patterns in the areas of nutrition, bodywork, communication and self-expression.

At present we offer one course a year in late summer, held at Oxonhoath in Kent. In JumpStart we come to discover that health, in all its manifestations, is a function of establishing and maintaining a dynamic balance with the manifold forces of life. This occurs when we are able to achieve a working partnership with life and the natural order of the universe.

JumpStart offers an easy paint-by-numbers approach to begin with and gradually shifts to a more creative, spontaneous and self-expressed mode by the end. JumpStart is an opportunity for those who have been trying to convince themselves and others that they are going to make some fundamental lifestyle changes but have never found the right time.

At the end of the seven days, we discover that true well-being has nothing to do with positive thinking, willful determination or having the right resolve. When it comes to health or wholeness, it is our ability to act in concert with life that matters most, rather than our ability to react to life out of survival patterns. This means we re-engage with life and its majestic possibilities rather than manipulate them. Our opinions and strategies turn out to be the very stuff that blocks our way.