On Leadership

If you go into the business or self-improvement sections of any large bookshop, you’ll probably find more books written each year about leadership than about any other subject. What is it about this topic that so fascinates and concerns us? Is it just a desire to feel important or could there be a growing recognition, conscious or unconscious, that the bigger our dreams, the more we require the authentic participation of others.

Concord’s approach to leadership, as you might expect, won’t be found in those bookshops, and this two and a half day course won’t be based on the usual views in those books. Using interactive dialogue, video feedback and brain hemisphere synchronisation we will explore the issue of leadership specifically as it appears or doesn’t appear in your life, and more important, we’ll examine what’s blocking its expression in the world.

Here’s our working definition of leadership:
Leadership is an invitation to others to participate in the translation of a vision into reality, and then to be responsible for maintaining it in existence.

The key word here is “translate” and that’s what we’ll be focusing on – the bridge between the world of vision and the world of action. Most approaches attempt to build this bridge by using various forms of sticks and carrots to evoke motivation and commitment. Sticks and carrots, including those we apply to ourselves, offer only short-term benefits at best. And though Nike’s now famous, “Just Do It”, certainly might be a noble sentiment and sometimes is even useful, most of us have already noticed its limitations.

The power of a vision lies in its energetic vibration and in its ability to have others resonate with that vibration. When you are present to the vibrational frequency of your own vision, without judgment, your expression naturally and spontaneously provides the connection between vision and action. At such times you don’t have a vision – you are a vision – and your communication with others becomes marvelously effective. But if something gets in the way of your being in the presence of your own vision, the power of the invitation is diminished and the energetic vibration is reduced to mere words. Your ability to translate vision into reality thus depends on your ability to free yourself from whatever prevents you from being in the energetic presence of your vision and sharing that presence with others.

Recent brain research has shown that insight, when properly focused, can literally alter the neuronal circuits of the brain, which in turn can alter your perception of reality and with it the frequency of your energetic vibration.

Vision without action is just hot air and action without vision is merely busywork. When the two are connected leadership is available.