Power, Intent and Evolution

This residential programme over four full days is intended for those who have completed a basic transformation programme such as i Evolve. It contains equal portions of bodywork and dialogue, each of which is used to release and redeploy energy.

The intention of the programme is to cross the threshold of the known, ie the tried and the true, and enter the realm of the unknown in order to explore and map new terrains of awareness. Just as science has penetrated the superficial appearances of matter and discovered that light, for example, possesses a dual nature (both particle and wave) so too do human beings possess a dual nature, a physical form and an energetic form. We refer to the dual nature of human beings as the personal self and the energetic self.

In this programme we discover that evolution is moving towards its phenomenal dimension, yet we resist this because the two sides of ourselves remain undisclosed to each other. Thus a further part of the intention is to access the energetic side of ourselves and begin shifting awareness and focus of identity to that self, without abdicating our responsibilities in our everyday awareness. The personal self thinks of itself in terms of its history and biological reality within a context of time and space, whereas the energetic self is an abstract or impersonal awareness existing outside time and space. The personal self is also concerned with perpetuating the myth of a separate self-identity and getting others to legitimise its separate nature. The phenomenal self however is concerned more with exploring evolutionary pathways and possibilities of awareness than it is with defending, protecting and legitimising a separate self.

In the course we will seek to dislodge the fixed perception of the personal self and gain more fluidity of perception and interpretation.