Summer Cooking Intensive Programme

The summer is a season of abundance for the vegetable kingdom and the perfect occasion for celebrating this abundance for the wholefood cook.

Greens are bountiful. From salad in all its expressions to large leafy greens, they offer an amazing array of succulent flavours from sweet to slightly bitter. Roots and round vegetables come in all shapes and colours, and are nutrient-rich. We can even approach the dreaded nightshade family without hesitation: gorgeous tomatoes in all colours, striped aubergines, sweet peppers and burning hot chillis.

A wide variety of cooking techniques can be used in summer. We can grill, steam, part boil or sautée any summer vegetable or create beautiful salads, minimising cooking times and simplifying our dishes, leaving their extraordinary potential to be expressed in the textures, colours, and aromas which are at their peak in the summer season.

From the end of June to September, the market vegetable stalls invite us to discover this abundance and to go home with a basket full of fresh and lively fruits, berries, roots, greens, and squash in all varieties and prepare festive meals almost daily.

In this summer cooking intensive we shall honour and appreciate the profusion of Mother Nature and learn how to prepare simple, basic, delicious dishes using the best ingredients available, with recipes and techniques adjustable to each home and circumstance and explore innovative combinations whilst talking about some important considerations on what is seasonal, what is healthy, what is natural, what is local, and more.

You will learn: