With the ‘Dreaming Mutability’ Tensegrity® & Theater of Infinity® Workshop beginning tomorrow, this week’s post looks back to the experience of Charlotte Hopper, a Tensegrity facilitator in training, who attended Cleargreen’s Summer 2015 workshop at Carnac, Europe’s largest site of megalithic stones.

‘Truth be told, I never really ‘got’ stones. It seemed impressive, if not somewhat mysterious, that Druids long before our time managed to transport such ginormous stones over hundreds of miles in nothing but their bare feet. But “the stones”, as they are referred to by aficionados, failed to move me in the way they seemed to move others, and I’ll admit, I’d been rather judgmental in my considerations of those who seemed to want to go and observe, walk, and dance around these ancient arrangements.

All this, however, was set for change when Cleargreen, the organisation that sponsors Tensegrity, announced their 2015 Summer Workshop would be at Carnac, the biggest site of megalithic stones in Europe. I had been a Tensegrity Facilitator in Training for a year, having fallen in love with the practice originating in ancient Mexico some years previously. The workshops, as well as being where I undertook my training, had become key markers in my calendar. So when I first got news the summer workshop was to be set in druid paradise in an inconsequential corner of France I was rather unmoved. How wrong I could be.

My stuffy opinions started to become unstuck when Jim Morris, Associate Facilitator at Cleargreen, came to do a presentation on Carnac at a one-day UK workshop we held in May. The passion with which Jim spoke, and the depth of information he presented was so astounding that the magic of the stones started to come to life. Still a little dubious, but at least now more open minded, I was primed and ready for France. And if the stones did nothing for me, I thought, then at least the Tensegrity would be good.

The Thursday before the workshop we flew in to Nantes, Brittany, and drove through the lush countryside to the campsite where we would be staying in impeccable static caravans. Up until then I always thought when people said Brittany was beautiful they were just being optimistic,
that it was just a place people went because they couldn’t afford to go to Spain or Greece. Wrong again.

With some time to settle in before the first part of the workshop, we ventured the five kilometre walk from the campsite to the sea. The jagged coastline, just west of the Morbihan Gulf, formed a series of beautiful bays lined by lush pine woods, that made it seem more like a large, calm lakeside than the Atlantic. We took a swim, did Tensegrity underneath the trees, and headed back more excited for the start of the workshop than ever.

The workshop began in the evening with a trip to some stones known as the Sainte Barbe Monument to watch the moonrise. It was the Full Moon of the Solstice, in the year of the ‘Minimum Moon’, when the moon does its shortest trip across the horizon in its 18.6 year cycle.
A large group had gathered, not just attendees of the workshop but locals too, and as a pink moon rose over the cornfield, perfectly in line with the large central stone, a silence ushered in. I realised this was going to be a very special weekend.

The structure of the workshop proved to be excellent, we learned a beautiful group of passes; the Sun, Moon, and Earth Constellation forms, a perfect fit for connectingus into the energy and awareness of ancient times. Between learning the forms each day we took a visit to a
different alignment in the area, quite an organisational feat considering we were 160 people. As the workshop went on and the Tensegrity started to seep into me, my appreciation of the stones began to shift completely.

On the Saturday evening we went to Crucuno, an unusual square formation, in which each stone aligns with a different astral event. Tucked in some fields outside a small French hamlet, we arrived at the stones at dusk, and entered the site walking in a silent line, wrapping through
the formation until we filled the area, and practiced the Sun, Moon, and Earth forms. Cleargreen really have a knack for making magic possible at these workshops, and after a while spent in the silence, one of the participants produced a harp and played such delicate, sweet
music I was brought to tears. What an amazing thing to be able to come so far out of the hustle and bustle of ‘ordinary life’ and connect with something so profound and mysterious, alongside others. As I walked around the stones at Crucuno, almost night, I started to feel
them as beings. I couldn’t explain it, but a different kind of perception had become available.

Although much impressive knowledge was shared with us at the workshop by the ineffable expert and “keeper of the stones” Howard Crowhurst, I’m afraid the details of it all didn’t stick in my brain. What I was left with from the workshop however was much more powerful to me than some facts and figures; the appreciation of a different kind of consciousness that has been present on our planet.I was fortunate enough to be able to take part in the extra tour on Monday, taking a trip to the Island of Gavrinis, very small yet of significance because it houses a
tumulus (a large man-made mound) within which a dolmen (megalithic structure) with incredible engravings was encased. Essentially it was a huge man-made cave lined with beautiful mysteriously carved patterns, which we entered in small groups having done some magical passes.

Emerging, I looked out over the bay, and was present to the different kind of being that once inhabited the earth. One with a magical consciousness, like that described by Jean Gebser, in which the conception of self is not present, but one and all are part of earth and universe. Devolution to a previous consciousness may not be the answer to our future, even if it were possible. Yet what I experienced of the ancient awareness of the beings that were responsible for the Carnac alignments, is the kind of power, wisdom, and vision, realised with such a harmony and integrity, that has been, and could be possible for this planet.

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