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Being a ‘sorcerer’ means ‘going to source.’ Once we accept our biological source, our mothers and fathers, the doors to freedom of perception open…

– Carlos Castaneda

The roles that our mothers and fathers play in our lives are changing.

Traditionally, mothers were members of the ‘private’ sphere and were teachers of unconditional love, healing and helping, family cohesion, and the ‘inner’ journey. On the other hand, fathers belonged to the ‘public’ sphere rendering such lessons as career, protection, ethical work, financial success, and how to lead.

Today, these lines blur as more and more women take up the banner of a public career and men stay home managing the household and children.

Regardless of who raised us, or who stuck around for the majority of our childhood, we are but one part female and one part male, and our acceptance of our parents as individuals, as well as within ourselves, marks a cornerstone in our conscious development.
Reaching and maintaining this state of higher awareness, however, can often be a long, hard-won road, and this series of classes on our connection with our father, can act to clarify and propel us along our way.

In these experiential classes, we will:

Unless we have a family of our own, we may not often realize that our parents are not the only ones with a familial obligation.

We, as their children, are also charged with a task – that of carrying the very best of them, and the lineage to which we belong, forward…