Tensegrity - Cyclicity 16

Tensegrity – Cyclicity 16 – Dreaming Asleep – Part I – Exploring Your Dreams

The shamans of don Juan’s lineage found out that most of their dreams were imagery, products of the cognition of their daily world; however, there were some, which escaped their classification.

– Carlos Castaneda, Magical Passes

Perception in dreams, and in the daily world, is multilayered.

Most of us begin our exploration into the realms of seeing and sensing energy while asleep by visiting those layers closest to the ones we inhabit during our day.

For instance, if we experience a loving connection during our waking state, this mood may continue into our sleeping dream. Or if we have an altercation with a work colleague, this too may transfer to our sleeping dream with the same person, or a symbolic other, as we attempt resolution.

The part of our being that notices this continuity is our dreaming body, and its unique form of awareness called the dreaming attention. Both are present with us at all times, and although we may go to sleep and forget about our day, or wake up and not remember our dreams, our dreaming body and dreaming attention flow on a current of energy linking our waking and sleeping experience.

The purpose of this series of classes is to build your awareness of this energetic current and the passing of valuable information between both states. In these classes, you will:

  • Learn how to best remember your dreams upon waking and how best to record your dreams
  • Share some of your dreams with others and become familiar with the presence of your dreaming body
  • Identify dreams that uplift you, offer new options, or point to a life dream you would like to fulfill
  • Track ‘nightmares’ to their roots in your daily life and be informed by and move past them in both waking and sleeping states.

This class will help you remember that you are a dreamer – of your day, of your night – of your full experience – and that what you do, say, think, feel and exude in both states affects you, others, your environment, and your world.

This class will be taught by Tensegrity® Facilitators.