Tensegrity - Cyclicity 17

Tensegrity – Cyclicity 17 – Dreaming Asleep – Part II

The shamans of don Juan’s lineage found out that most of their dreams were imagery, products of the cognition of their daily world; however, there were some, which escaped their classification.

– Carlos Castaneda, Magical Passes

How we meet the dream is a matter of choice.

Some prefer to wait for dreams to randomly appear. Others wish to call the dream – nurture and cultivate their attention and prepare themselves as a type of landing strip for the safe, secure and frequent docking of their dreams.

At the core of any approach is energy – dreaming body energy accumulated through the practice of Tensegrity® movements, review of scenes from our life, and the having and maintaining of lucid dreams. The more such energy we have and the more we focus on the dream, the more dreams will come.

This series of classes prepares you for lucid dreaming – dreaming in which you know you are in a dream, can potentially move around in the dream, and where you feel securely prepared to meet what comes in your dreams.

In these classes, you will learn such basics of dreaming as:

  • our signature sleeping position…
  • Your best sleeping direction…
  • Your best organization of your dreaming space…
  • And your best focusing practice to use before sleep.

To your having your best dreams!

This class will be taught by Tensegrity® Facilitators.