Tensegrity - Cyclicity 9

Tensegrity – Cyclicity 9 – Polishing our Links – Mother and Father – Part I – Mother

Being a ‘sorcerer’ means ‘going to source.’ Once we accept our biological source, our mothers and fathers, the doors to freedom of perception open…

– Carlos Castaneda

In Latin, one of the meanings of ‘mater’ is mother, the one who manifests life, and of ‘pater,’ the teacher of structural foundation. Together, they ‘author’ us into this world and act as our first authority figures.

If we remain at odds with them, we remain a child, a dependent, being similarly at odds with every dominant figure we encounter.

If we look past our expectations of what our ‘ideal’ mother and father should have been, give up our focus of their failures and shortcomings, and come to see them as who they really are – humans, working their best towards fuller consciousness, just like ourselves – then we can accept their imprint upon our lives with gratitude.

This is the interior journey every seer makes, and this series of four classes will give us the foundation for this exploration.

In these experiential classes, we will:

  • Look at our mythology of who served as our mother and father
  • Find related scenes
  • Follow a guided mediation through each parent’s adult life and childhood, giving us a sense of who they are beyond the role of our parent and what they came to process and dream and the lineage to which they and we belong
  • Write letters of gratitude
  • Turn the focus to ourselves and ask, “What have we parented? What have we mothered and fathered forward?

Ultimately we must come to realize that our mothers and fathers are inside of ourselves, and that it is our choice to live in harmony with them there or not.

After all, we are dreamers – dreaming ourselves and beyond ourselves to ‘parent’ a better world.

And wouldn’t we do a much better job if we accepted who made us and thus accepted ourselves?

This first series of classes will focus on our relationship with our mother, or whoever served as our mother. Our next series of classes will cover our connection with our father.

This class will be taught by Tensegrity® Facilitators and Facilitators-in-Training.