The Foundation Course is a 3-month course that is offered to graduates of the iEvolve programme upon their completion. It is an integral part of the educational curriculum of the Institute and is specifically designed to provide the tools and training necessary to sustain and build upon the breakthrough produced in iEvolve. It is by far the most comprehensive programme that the Institute offers in terms of variety and depth of training.

The aim of The Foundation Course is to achieve a self-standing and self-sustaining breakthrough by establishing an integrated body-mind foundation. Such a foundation will enable participants to better manage their health and well-being, and continue to explore the endless possibilities that life and evolution have to offer.

The Foundation Course functions like a greenhouse in that it provides a safe and fertile environment that enables the “seed” produced in iEvolve to germinate and take hold. We believe it difficult to impossible to sustain such a breakthrough without a healthy emotional and biological environment for new life to thrive and unfold.

The course takes place over four weekend sessions and ten evening sessions. It is designed to provide support in several key areas including wholefood nutrition, bodywork practices, communication and self-expression. The course provides a stimulating mix of hands-on wholefood cooking classes, bodywork activities and creative homework assignments. To support participants during the programme a coaching structure is provided, consisting of graduates from previous Foundation Courses. Each participant will be provided a personal coach with whom they will work with through the entire course.

In terms of specific results, graduates of The Foundation Course report a new depth and level of self-expression, fearlessness when it comes to tackling hard issues or projects in life, the ability to lead and inspire others and the ability to know when to take a stand and when to acquiesce. Perhaps most importantly, almost everyone reports a new passion and vitality for living and a general awe of the possibilities and mystery of life.


My foundation course was an amazing experience, a space in my life where I could simply be. Through sharing, dialogue and the disciplines of bodywork and cooking it gave me a new perspective, a vastly different view of my ‘self’ and the world and it provided me with tools to help navigate my life from a very different place.

When I began this journey I believed I knew who I was and I ended it seeing, so clearly, that I don’t know who I am, and I’m certainly not who I thought I was! But I have found pleasure in the not knowing, I feel expanded and free to uncover more of my authentic self, layer by layer, piece by piece. There is nothing to get and there is no hope but it feels right.

Michele, reflexologist

I feel amazing! So big, expanded, free. So much spaciousness in my head, it feels weird and unfamiliar but I’m so enjoying it! Enjoying catching my sabotaging voices as they arise, seeing them clearly for what they are and then returning to a beautiful space where anything feels possible. At the same time, I feel tiny, humble, full of emotion. I feel much much stronger in relationship to what’s happening the tumours and the cancer. The tumours have been causing me more pain and discomfort but the main suffering has been in my head. I now feel more at ease; it is what it is. I’m sure that without the fear, there is space and possibility for something different to arise.

I can see clearly how I’ve made my life more difficult for myself than it has needed to be! How my beliefs of ‘too much to do and not enough time’ and ‘I’ve got to do it all myself (because no one can do it for me)’ have played out over and over, and how painful it has been to live from that place.

Karen, cook