Concord Videos

David Norris

A conversation with guest facilitator David Norris about the Being-In-Business programme at Concord Institute.

David Norris Video Interview

Francoise Auvray

Francoise talks about the important role food plays in the transformational process.


Melanie Waxman

Melanie Waxman came to Concord Institute in May 2011 to teach a week long hands-on course on macrobiotic cooking. We interviewed her just before the course was about to start.

Melanie is considered to be one of the world’s finest macrobiotic chefs. She has lived in America and Europe and has trained cooks and worked with clients from all over the world. Melanie has taught at the Philadelphia Restaurant School and writes for numerous websites and magazines.





Michael Rossoff

Michael Rossoff, macrobiotic counselor and teacher and practitioner of traditional accupuncture, has been coming over from the USA for many years to lead macrobiotic educational programmes at Concord Institute. We interviewed him in May 2011 just after he had completed leading the Basic Alchemy three-day programme.