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The Integral Studies Basic Course becomes our primary introductory course. It replaces the iEvolve programme and the Foundation Course, both of which will be retired this year. The new course will bridge the gap between the inquiry work of iEvolve and the practical application of that work in the Foundation Course.  It represents for us a comprehensive mind-body approach to health and well-being.

The overall mission of Concord Institute is to promote greater self-reliance when it comes to achieving and maintaining optimal health and well-being. The secondary mission is to produce fundamental shifts in human awareness to create new openings for growth and development.

The educational curriculum of the Institute employs an integral model for health and well-being that encompasses wholefoods, culinary arts training, bodywork practices, self-inquiry, self-expression, and the creative arts.

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OCT 23 - MAR 24

Integral Studies Basic Course

The Integral Studies Basic Course is a 6-month course of self-learning and self-discovery that is designed to produce a meaningful breakthrough in quality of health and well-being, and increased sense of aliveness and vitality.

Concord Institute, London

Open to all

19 - 24

MAY 2023


iEvolve is our core educational programme, introducing participants to the transformational work of Concord Institute. The programme’s rigorous process of self-enquiry offers a new engagement with life that is at once redemptive, yet at the same time acts as a springboard to catapult our lives into the unknown of evolutionary possibility.

Concord Institute, London

Open to all



Heart in a Pot Cooking Series

In our busy lives, food often becomes mere fuel, leaving us feeling empty and disconnected from our bodies. We can end up feeling run-down and unable to make an impact in the world. In this course we offer an alternative approach to food that prioritises nourishment and connection.

Concord Institute, Unit 2-4 Thane Works, London, N7 7NU

Open to all


MAY 2023

The Art of Well Being Spring / Summer

Join renowned bodywork facilitator Maria Serrano in a weekend of explorative bodywork, integrating mind, body and emotions to empower our well-being as we journey through the Spring into Summer.

Concord Institute, London

Open to all

5 - 7

MAY 2023

Macrobiotics: An Ecology of Mind and Body

During this two-day workshop with Bill Tara, we will see how this ecological way of thinking can be used to empower us in the development of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Concord Institute

Open to all


MAR-MAY 2023

The Foundation Course

The Foundation Course is a three-month course that is offered to graduates of the iEvolve programme on completion. It is an integral part of the educational curriculum of the Institute and is specifically designed to provide the tools and training necessary to sustain and build upon the breakthrough produced in iEvolve.

Concord Institute, London

For graduates of the iEvolve seminar

20 - 23

APR 2023

Power, Intent and Evolution

This residential programme over four full days is intended for those who have completed a basic transformation programme such as iEvolve. It contains equal portions of Tensegrity and dialogue, each of which is used to release and redeploy energy.

Oxon Hoath, Hadlow, Kent

For graduates of the iEvolve seminar


Concord Coaching Services

For the first time, Concord Institute will be offering coaching services to the community at large. Six sessions will take place over a 6-12 week period, drawing on our model of Integral Coaching, which is customised to meet the individual needs of each person’s situation.


For graduates of the iEvolve seminar


The Assisting Programme

A 12-week training programme in which you will regularly support Concord events as a way of cultivating your own transformation, supported by a coaching framework.

In Person & Online

For graduates of the iEvolve seminar

21 - 27

AUG 2023


JumpStart is a seven-day residential that takes place at Oxon Hoath in Kent. The programme offers intensive training in wholefood cooking and bodywork practice, alongside dialogue that questions our conventional way of looking at life.

Oxon Hoath, Kent, UK

For graduates of the iEvolve seminar

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about concord institute

In October 1998 the Concord Institute for Integral Studies was set up as the main education and training centre for the Community Health Foundation (CHF), a registered UK charity founded in 1976 on Old Street in London.

The mandate of the Community Health Foundation is and has been to offer educational programmes and services to the community at large that enable people to become more self-reliant in terms of assuming greater responsibility for their health and well-being.

The particular education and training in “self-health” offered by the CHF has been variously referred to as the macrobiotic, holistic or integral approach because it takes a larger and more comprehensive view in understanding the human condition.

Among other things, this approach encompasses the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of people’s lives.

The institute discovered that taking a holistic approach was more efficacious in the long run toward restoring health and biological integrity, and for building more powerful immune capabilities for dealing with potential health problems that may lie in the future.

est. 1976, over 40 years of supporting
healthy and purposeful living

the last 10 years: (2007-2017)
294 programmes

5,676 participants
34,862 meals served


I was drawn to participating in the iEvolve programme after going through a period of change in my career. I'd noticed a disconnect between what I was doing day-to-day and where my passions lay. My heart was no longer in my work, ...

Gavin Wilshen


I have had painful issues with my hip and back since March this year, which made me very nervous about embarking on any bodywork at all. I am so glad that I have taken part in two of the series and have now enrolled for a third. ...

Barbara Grantham

ONS Study Worker

The Foundation Course was a perfect journey of self-evaluation, a forensic enquiry into my sense of self and relations with others through ten weeks of joyful experimentation. Cookery, bodywork and dialogue ...

James M


As a coach, I was an ally who walked alongside my coachees, looking at areas where they were wasting energy or not being fully responsible in their lives. To hold another accountable for what they say they’re going to do meant ...

Raphy Mendoza

Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer

I have been fortunate enough to be able to participate in PIE several times over the past 15 years. Each occurrence has been illuminating and powerful. Not as an abstract concept but as a practical, visceral ...

Chris Barnes

Software Developer

The Foundation Course: Helped me to more frequently and easily access the energising realisations of the IEvolve programme. It weaved a new understanding from my mind into my body. It had been a long time since ...

Sam K


I Evolve: I arrived at the Concord 2 years after the breakdown of my marriage. I had spent a lot of time reflecting. A lot of time on “self-help”. Life was stable but I felt there was still a lot I didn’t ...

Sam K


It took me few minutes to make the decision to do iEvolve. I didn't know what exactly it was but I felt there was something which I want to experience. After iEvolve I felt much more connected ...

Galina Petkova

Traditional Acupuncturist

HeartSpace has made me much more aware of life’s opportunities and riches than ever before - my life is exciting at a level that I didn’t imagine possible. I feel more able to tolerate high levels of stress ...

Jane Penfold

Social Worker

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Macrobiotics by Bill Tara

Macrobiotics: An Ecology of Mind and Body During this two-day workshop with Bill Tara, we will see how this ecological way of thinking can be used to empower us in the development of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

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This House is Not Your Home by Chris Warren

Here, we share a piece of music named ‘This House is Not Your Home’ written and performed by Chris Warren.

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Land of the Gods

A pilgrimage into the heart of Japan’s mythical consciousness and the ancient wisdom that awaits us there. By Greg Johnson. read more

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Full Circle – Musical Piece by Stephen Hopper and Christopher Bangs

Here, we share a piece of music named ‘Full Circle’ written and performed by community members Stephen Hopper and Christopher Bangs.

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