A message to the community from our Trustees and Staff in light of the current situation regarding Coronavirus.

With the unfolding of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we will be rescheduling the iEvolve programme which was scheduled to start this Friday. The new dates are here.

In light of this extraordinary situation, we find ourselves called to adapt the events and offerings we have available. This will allow us to fulfil the charity’s commitment and mission in serving the community (please see our full mission statement below).

We will shortly be announcing a range of online services and opportunities, including home-cooking, yoga, Tensegrity and an online Concord Coaching Service. These will be available both to people who have participated in Concord programmes as well as the general public who have yet to encounter our work.

Facing the unknown we are invited to take an unequivocal stand for the health of everyone, being mindful of those most at risk, acting with an open heart, warrior spirit and community mind.

The centre will currently maintain being open and will adhere to all governmental health and hygiene guidelines and recommendations. We will review this ongoingly.

Please feel free to contact us during this time.

We are here to be of service.

With gratitude,

Tim Crowther, Deborah Murphy-Smith and Nicholas Allan

Greg Johnson, Sheila Parmar and Charlotte Hopper

Trustees and Staff at Concord Institute


Mission Statement

The primary mission of Concord Institute is to promote greater self-reliance when it comes to achieving and maintaining optimal health and well-being.

The secondary mission is to produce fundamental and significant shifts in human awareness to create new openings for growth and development.

The educational curriculum of the Concord Institute employs an integral model for health and well-being that encompasses wholefoods, culinary arts training, bodywork practices, self-inquiry, self-expression and the creative arts.

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