“Given the measure of your own authentic realization, you were actually thinking about gently whispering into the ear of that near-deaf world? No, my friend, you must shout. Shout from the heart of what you have seen, shout however you can.

Let it start right here, right now, with us — with you and with me — and with our commitment to breathe into infinity until infinity alone is the only statement that the world will recognize.”

Ken Wilber


We hope you are well and staying safe during these extraordinary times.

We are writing to share our excitement about a new service we are offering to make it easier to share the value and possibility available in our iEvolve programme. What we are offering is an online 3-way zoom guest event designed to presence the opportunity and give a small taste of the Evolve programme to someone in your network of relationships.

Essentially this new service, an online interactive guest event, will include you of course, the person or persons you would like to invite into iEvolve, and a trained iEvolve facilitator who will share the core distinctions of the programme that many have found difficult sharing one to one. It is designed to provide a safe space, address any fears or concerns and presence the unique nature of the programme.

We cordially invite you to join with us to share this new service with family members, friends, work colleagues or new acquaintances. It is our hope that even if your guest does not accept an invitation to participate in an upcoming programme, that the time spent will plant a seed and be a fruitful experience.

We are fully aware that the art of inviting someone to participate in iEvolve is no small matter. Thus, the opportunity offered by the 3-way zoom call we are offering makes the invitation a little easier, giving someone a powerful experience of a new world of possibility.

Remember that for many this event has the possibility of transforming someone’s life, or at the very least, finding inner peace and restoring a sense of wholeness and well-being. Don’t wait to be called, be bold, take action and be in touch.

Nevertheless, I will be in touch. Remember that our work grows organically by word of mouth from one person to the next. It ensures the authenticity and partnership with life that we seek to honour and preserve. I personally invite you to avail yourself of this new and effective way of sharing iEvolve, be inspired and contact someone in your network and arrange to have a 3-way zoom call, and of course free of charge.

It is time for you to put aside any fears and concerns and give someone in your life the opportunity to experience what Ken Wilber called ‘a taste of infinity’. I will be here available to support you. You can contact me on the number or email below.

With warm regards,

Sheila Parmar
Managing Director
020 7607 1140

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