My dreams have often been vivid affairs. My family and housemates over the years would witness a typical morning emergence with me entering the kitchen, hair disheveled, to announce… “I had the strangest dream last night”.

If I were lucky, they would grant me the listening to share my tales, piecing together the strange series of events, and I would revel in reliving them, delighting in the opportunity to externalise my nocturnal explorations into the fixed reality of my waking world…

Like many people, when I was younger I had the recurring dream that I could fly. In a lush green field, or standing on the street, the sensation would come upon me… I’d gather my arms up and down, my body would take leave from the earth, liberated from gravity into the expanse of the blue world above, glowing in its new medium. The heartbreak of waking, bereft of my true love – my winged being – was unbearable each time the dream ended.

In the past few years my dream life has shifted to a deeper and more committed relationship. This has in a large part been influenced by participating in programmes such as Being in Business, in which David Norris draws on exercises and readings to touch into the power of our dreaming consciousness. However, the biggest and most consistent influence and guide to my dreaming is the practice of Tensegrity.

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