Learn the essentials of Macrobiotics and Oriental Healing, with well-known teacher and acupuncturist, Michael Rossoff. This online course is educational and highly interactive, bringing clarity to our understanding of health and healing through discussion and lively conversation. 

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Learn the essentials of Macrobiotics and Oriental Healing, with well-known teacher and Acupuncturist, Michael Rossoff.

This online course is educational and highly interactive, bringing clarity to our understanding of health and healing through discussion and lively conversation. 


Macrobiotics and Oriental Healing
By exploring new ways of seeing the true harmony of the body, mind and spirit we will uncover subtle ways to tune into a committed path of conscious health. We will go beyond popular fear-based views of disease and hopes for magic bullet solutions. This programme guides you from curiosity to knowledge by combining Western understanding of the body with Oriental medicine’s profound mind/body insights based on energetics.

Basic Alchemy
Health is our birthright. Our culture’s view of disease, disability, depression, decline and death need not become a reality. How can we realign ourselves to our personal destiny and at the same time, embrace life’s changes? This course explores how imbalances and sickness can lead us to greater health. Symptoms and illnesses are messages our body provides. How can we “listen” and respond to these signals?

Oriental Medicine
Oriental healing is over 3,000 years old. Tested, refined, updated through the ages, it offers the western world, including western medical science, valuable insights and new paradigms for healing. Combining essential teaching from Oriental philosophy and healing, along with vital macrobiotic teachings provides contemporary, practical guidance for health.

Macrobiotics focuses on ways of choosing foods, understanding the properties and energies of food, along with common sense “lifestyle” components. Meanwhile it draws on oriental wisdom, and particularly in cooking, on its Japanese origins. Some of these traditional teachings remain uniquely relevant, while others are not in sync with modern times. This course explains the reasons for core choices in healthy food, how to update the “old” macrobiotic approach to contemporary times and lifestyle demands, and to personal tastes and needs.

Modern Western medical science has indoctrinated us at a deep level. We will examine our views of the body, sickness and healing, with a bigger view of maintaining and sustaining health. Michael will illuminate the idea of ageing with an inspiration for growing in wisdom as the years go by. These perspectives are important for those in their twenties, through all decades, into their eighties and beyond. It’s never too early to start a path of personal commitment to health, never too late to make new beginnings.

This study includes a close-up lens on body-mind-spirit connection, in ways that expand our understanding and give us specific tools for experience their unity. In past years, massage therapists, nurses, medical doctors and other health professionals have attended this course and expressed great appreciation.

New Perceptions: Several tools of Oriental philosophy/ healing are the tools for understanding the world as it really is. Yin Yang Principles, which takes us beyond dualism of good-bad to the nature of harmony and paradox. Five Phase Energetics is a tool for seeing the interrelationships of the forces of nature. This model offers great insights into the nature of body, mind, spirit and how foods can be used in healing.

Past & Present: Our life began with conception, which is the gift from our ancestors and parents. As the power for life this energy, called Jing (Essence) in Oriental medicine, is stored within the body and sustains our life force from beginning to end. How we use or misuse this power is a key to overall health and a long life.

Food as Energy: We must nourish ourselves daily in order to thrive and have the energy to fulfil our life goals. All food has nutrients and even more importantly, all food has specific energy natures. We will explore this concept by Yin-Yang, the Five Elements which include assessment by colour, taste and seasons, as well as where and how individual foods grow and which foods benefit which organs and functions.

Digestion as Transformation: Digestion and assimilation are vital physical functions. Even more so, they are alchemy in action, where foods and drinks are energetically transformed into Blood says Oriental healing. We will study digestive problems such as acid reflux, nausea, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. Using yin-yang, we will explore which foods weaken or strengthen digestion. This power is primal for creating blood and maintaining strong immunity.

Body Energies: The meridians are the energy maps of the body. They, along with the points located on them, represent the pathways of our everyday energies. They are the main external means we have for influencing our internal energies and functions. We will learn these main pathways and meanings of key power points on these meridians for simple self-healing.

Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Fulfilment: As our emotional life goes, so goes our spiritual awareness. Until we have unconditional love, we are riding the waves of our emotional feelings. Yet we can find greater peace and tranquillity by understanding the deeper nature of fear, anger, jealousy, anxiety and more.

Diagnosis 101—Body Messages: This is an introduction into Oriental diagnosis. Why do things appear as they do? Why does someone have one shoulder higher than another? Why are some fingernails brittle? Why does someone’s voice have a groaning sound? And much more.

Acupressure Points—Keys for Wellness: We will study the 20 most powerful acupressure points, how to locate and stimulate them properly, as well as why and when to use them. They can help for specific symptoms, such as headache or back ache, or for organs, like stomach or heart. The key to wellness is supporting the strong, natural flow of the energies.

Creating Emotional & Spiritual Balance: We all seek emotional calm and spiritual clarity. There are many appropriate methods towards achieving these goals. We will look at some simple, yet profound ways that can benefit everyone, particularly breathing practices and qigong (energy movement exercises) and a simple meditation. Each day, we will be guided by an experienced bodywork practitioner for 20-30 minutes.

This 4-day study programme, led by Michael Rossoff L.Ac., is designed for everyone interested in gaining self-confidence in caring for themselves, as well as others. Learning and applying this information will open new doors for personal understanding and growth.

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