An online Tensegrity series of five classes, learning movements from a lineage of Seers of Ancient Mexico which reconnect us with our natural ability to perceive energy.

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An Online Tensegrity Series

We are all capable of Fluidity of Perception. It requires un-learning the fixed descriptions of the world that have been given to us throughout the socialisation process.

To release the grip of what appears to be true or real requires a substantial volume of energy. The discipline that is referred to in modern terminology as Tensegrity, an element of which includes special movements called ‘Magical Passes’, is the art of gathering and redeploying energy to this end.

For the line of Ancient Mexican Seers from which Tensegrity descends, freedom of perception was a primary goal. The Seers saw that human beings had incredible perceptual capabilities but that this fact was generally unknown.

They saw that humans did not distinguish between perception and interpretation, the outcome being the appearance of a fixed or limited reality.

Today, humanity appears to be locked within its own interpretation system, disconnected from our ability to experience energy flowing in the universe directly.

During this five-class series, we will practise movements from a group of Magical Passes known as ‘The Womb Series’. These movements are practised without gendered limitations, heightening one’s ability to perceive energy directly as it flows, beyond the social descriptions.

Most human beings experience a desire for freedom from boundaries we find ourselves trapped in; be that socially, within our own thought systems, or from the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis.

The intention of this series will be to equip you with a kinaesthetic memory of these Magical Passes, releasing the grip of fixed modes of perception you are ready to outgrow.

Our Tensegrity facilitators have been trained by Cleargreen, the organisation founded by Carlos Castaneda to teach and promote Tensegrity. To read more about the facilitator of this series, Charlotte Hopper, click here to visit our facilitators’ page and scroll down.

To visit the overarching Tensegrity page on our website and learn more about the practise of Tensegrity, click here.

upcoming dates:

This is an online series of five classes, taking place on:

Tuesday 24, 31 May, 7, 14, 21 June, 7pm – 8.30pm (UK time)

(Full series only, drop-in not available)

Fluidity of Perception online resource details

Newcomers to Tensegrity are warmly welcomed. Please contact the facilitator Charlotte Hopper on 078344 96625 to ask any questions or book your place over the phone.

Location: Online via Zoom

Price: £100
(deposit £40, non-refundable and non-transferrable)