During this six-week Tensegrity series, we shall learn magical movements from Shamans of Ancient Mexico, drawing on the wisdom of the dolphin and expanding our fluidity of perception.

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A Six-Week Tensegrity Series

We all get stuck or fixed in certain ways of doing things, certain ways of feeling, thinking or acting.

Even when we become aware of this, we often have very little power for things to be another way. The same thoughts, emotions and behaviours seem to go on auto-pilot!

What can we do about this? We can turn to our Energy Body! The element of our being which is fluid – it has absolutely no fixed form – and no fixed time and place. Our energy body is universal, our link to Infinity!

The Seers of Ancient Mexico saw the energy of all beings in the universe and learned from each of them.

During this six week Tensegrity series, we shall learn a series of movements known as ‘The Dolphin Form’.

When we feel the energy of the dolphin, we feel fluidity; whether that be fluidity of movement through water, or fluidity of roles they take on within the complex social structures of the pods within which they live.

By practising the Dolphin form and engaging with life-review exercises we shall connect to our energy body. We shall ‘see’ and shake off the rigid roles we repetitively play in our social, work and family structures.

The intention of this series is to open ourselves to the many and different experiences available in the universe, to allow more flow, freedom and fluidity in our daily lives.

Tensegrity is a set of disciplines that originate from a lineage of Seers and Shamans from Ancient Mexico, comprised of Magical Passes (movements of body and breath), practices for life-review (recapitulation), dreaming and inner silence.

Concord Institute Facilitators have been trained and certified by Cleargreen, the organisation founded by Carlos Castaneda to teach and promote Tensegrity. To learn more about the Facilitator, Charlotte Hopper, click here.

This series is open to all – if you are new to Tensegrity or have not attended any events at Concord Institute before you are very warmly welcomed!

upcoming dates:

This series consists of six online classes on Wednesday evenings:

29 September, 6, 13, 20, 27 October, 3 November (7 – 9pm UK time)

Fluidity of Being online resource details

To register your place or find out more, contact the facilitator Charlotte Hopper on 078344 96625.

Location: Online via Zoom

Price: £125
(deposit £40, non-refundable and non-transferrable)