In this series, you are invited to slow down and connect with your body. We shall explore passive and active movement, breath-work, guided imagery, voice work and awareness practices, to leave you feeling connected and restored.

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Our modern lifestyle and the bodywork we often practice tend to be fast-paced, intensive and demanding.

The intention of this series is to slow down and connect with our body, noticing how this in turn supports us to connect and engage with the world around us.

Classes will be both physically engaging whilst deeply restorative, softening whilst strengthening.

We will learn the art of quietening our mind, calming our nervous system and accepting our body however we find it.

Enjoying both passive and active engagement, we will draw on body-mind tools of movement, breath work, guided imagery, voice work and awareness practices.

This series offers simple and easy practices that require no special ability or equipment and can be done anywhere by anyone at any time.

Each class is 75 minutes long and takes place via Zoom with facilitator Gregor Singleton.

To read more about Gregor, click here to visit our Facilitators Page.

upcoming dates:

2023 – Dates to be announced

Grounding Your Body participant testimonials


During this weekly rendezvous with my body, guided by the calming voice and clear instructions from Gregor, I gently get in touch with my physical self. The soft but fully engaged techniques of using your breath, muscles and joints keep me in balance with the hard and demanding way I use my body most of the time. After every session I feel lighter and taller, as if more space is created. And thanks to the knowledge Gregor shares with us, I find myself filled with wonder at this ingenious system we call our body.

Anne Bogaerts

Career Coach

I have had painful issues with my hip and back since March this year, which made me very nervous about embarking on any bodywork at all. I am so glad that I have taken part in two of the series and have now enrolled for a third. My participation has greatly contributed to my healing. The teacher has a depth of experience and brings a gentle energy to his teaching. I feel very supported in the classes.

Barbara Grantham

ONS Study Worker

Grounding Your Body online resource details

Location: Online via Zoom

Price: £125 / £100 for newcomers to Concord Institute
(deposit £40, non-refundable and non-transferrable)