Join Gregor Singleton to create a relationship with your body free of the need for perfection. We shall be both passive and active, engaging with movement, breath-work, guided imagery, voice work and awareness practices.

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Like any relationship, our relationship with our body has to be cultivated and tended; we take it for granted at our peril.

Most of the time, our attention goes on striving to get somewhere, often with unreasonable expectations, ideas of perfection or just complete resignation about our body.

Rarely do we allow ourselves to be completely permissive of our body and engaging from there. Whilst this goes on, we miss the opportunity that’s right in front of us; a mutually beneficial and non-judgemental companionship.

The intention of this series will be to experience a relationship with our body free of the need for perfection. We shall enrol our body as our ally and partner.

Rather than wilfully resolving to ‘do better’, we can use what’s right here and with us right now; our bodies and the breath that animates it.

During this series we will;

  • Improve our sense of well-being
  • Tune our mental clarity
  • Relieve anxiety, fear, depression and anger
  • Feel the formless through the forms
  • Feel Spirit through the body
  • Feel breath through the lungs

Throughout the classes we shall enjoy both passive and active engagement, using the body-mind resources of movement, breath work, guided imagery, voice work and awareness practices.

We shall learn simple and easy daily practices for body and mind which require no specific ability or equipment and can be done anywhere by anyone at any time.

Each class is 90 minutes long and takes place via Zoom with facilitator Gregor Singleton.

To read more about Gregor Singleton, click here to visit our Facilitators Page.

upcoming dates:

This is a series of 6 Tuesday evenings, 6.30pm – 8pm:

Tuesday 26 January
Tuesday 2 February
Tuesday 9 February
Tuesday 16 February
Tuesday 23 February
Tuesday 2 March

Available as a full-series only (drop-in not available)

Grounding Your Body online resource details

To register your place, follow the link below or call Charlotte on 0783 449 6625 to book over the phone.

Location: Online via Zoom

Price: £100
(deposit £35, non-refundable and non-transferrable)