upcoming bodywork / energetics courses at Concord Institute:

4 Jul - 8 Aug

6 Classes

Bodywork / Energetics

Tensegrity Series – Awakening Our Link to Intent

“Intent is a force that exists in the universe. When sorcerers beckon Intent, it comes to them and sets up a path for attainment. Intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated.” — Carlos Castaneda

Online via Zoom and in-person

Open to all


Nov 2024

Bodywork / Energetics

Healing the Ghosts of our Lineage

In early childhood, we merge with our environment, embedding family stories and secrets in our unconscious and shaping our behaviours. Using ancient Toltec movements, we will uncover and release these emotional memories, reclaiming our freedom and awareness.

Concord Institute, Unit 2-4 Thane Works, London, N7 7NU

Open to all


Bodywork / Energetics

Tensegrity Practice Groups

Tensegrity is the modern name for a unique system of movements and practises handed down from Seers of Ancient Mexico. We offer regular series of classes, sharing the benefits of Tensegrity with newcomers and regular practitioners alike.

Centre for Science and Arts, 13 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB

Open to all