upcoming bodywork / energetics courses at Concord Institute:

2 - 14

NOV / DEC 22

Bodywork / Energetics

Stopping the Flow of Time

A series of six Tensegrity classes, learning movements from Seers of Ancient Mexico, stepping outside of our linear sense of time and completing the year with Impeccability.

In Person & Online

Open to all

21 - 22

JAN 2023

Bodywork / Energetics

The Art of Well-Being

Join renowned bodywork facilitator Maria Serrano in a weekend of explorative bodywork, integrating mind, body and emotions to empower our well-being as we start the new year.

Concord Institute, London

Open to all


Throughout 2022/23

Bodywork / Energetics

Tensegrity Series

Tensegrity is the modern name for a unique system of movements and practises handed down from Seers of Ancient Mexico. We offer regular series of classes, sharing the benefits of Tensegrity with newcomers and regular practitioners alike.

Concord Institute

Open to all