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June 2024

Special Events

A Journey with the Marseille Tarot

Join us for a two-day workshop led by Jim Morris (aka Guilhem Morera), designed to reconnect us with the once-hidden feminine energies and teachings that have been suppressed in a world dominated by male imbalance. Through the exploration of Tarot cards, their deep astrological connections, and the practice of ancient Toltec movements, we will uncover the sacred secrets skilfully embedded in art, stories, and symbols. This workshop offers us to open our hearts and embrace the diverse wisdom from around the globe, paving the way for a harmonious restoration of the sacred teachings.

Concord Institute

Open to all


Bodywork / Energetics

Tensegrity Practice Groups

Tensegrity is the modern name for a unique system of movements and practises handed down from Seers of Ancient Mexico. We offer regular series of classes, sharing the benefits of Tensegrity with newcomers and regular practitioners alike.

Centre for Science and Arts, 13 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB

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Bodywork / Energetics

Toltec Movements: Integrity in Relationship

Human beings are relational creatures. Wherever and whoever we are, we are always in relationship with others - friends, colleagues, family, partners... In this online series, we will practice powerful Toltec movements to explore what it means to have integrity in our relationships.


Open to all