Join us for a two-day workshop led by Jim Morris (aka Guilhem Morera), designed to reconnect us with the once-hidden feminine energies and teachings that have been suppressed in a world dominated by male imbalance. Through the exploration of Tarot cards, their deep astrological connections, and the practice of ancient Toltec movements, we will uncover the sacred secrets skilfully embedded in art, stories, and symbols. This workshop offers us to open our hearts and embrace the diverse wisdom from around the globe, paving the way for a harmonious restoration of the sacred teachings.

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Diving into the Marseille Tarot with Jim Morris

(aka Guilhem Morera)

A long time ago, a civilisation that had a deep connection with the cosmos was present all over planet Earth. From inner silence, human beings living at that time knew the universe was a living being. Through their seeing, they developed a symbolic language as a means to maintain a link with this being. This symbolic language was expressed through works of art, dances, songs, movements, mythological stories, and images…

After the fall of this civilisation, this knowledge was preserved on both sides of the Ocean: in Egypt and Mesopotamia, and in the Mesoamerican world.

At the beginning of the Piscean era, the temples were closed, and the priests of Isis and Quetzalcoatl went into secrecy.

During the invasion by the Spaniards, the vast majority of the written texts of the Toltecs were burned, very much like those that had been destroyed a few centuries earlier in the library of Alexandria on the Western continent.

However, the ancient knowledge was somewhat preserved by lineages of men and women. The Toltec movements and the Tarot cards are remnants of that ancient world that survived this destruction. For many years, I have been studying both of these treasures.



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The Course

During this two-day course, I intend to teach everything I have learned from different schools of Hermeticism about the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck and to dive deep into the practice of the Toltec movements.

We will also use both of these sacred tools to delve into our psyche, to uncover stories from our lives that have blocked us so we can cleanse them and connect more deeply with the force in the universe that the ancient people called Spirit, Intent, or Infinity.

I will also teach about the connection between both traditions and how the symbols of the Tarot deck reveal a way to understand the world very similar to how the Toltecs understood it.

During two days, we will walk the path of the old tradition that once was present all over planet Earth, and we will connect to its intention and wisdom. In today’s world, where individualism, confusion, and self-destruction reign, we need more than ever to learn the sacred symbols and ways of the ancients.



What you will Experience:

  • Discover the Hidden Language: Delve into the symbolic language and hidden symbols of the Tarot cards.
  • Explore the Astrological Connection: Uncover the link between Tarot cards and astrology.
  • Practise Toltec Movements: Engage in ancient Toltec practices involving body and breath to open our hearts.
  • Collaborative Life Tracking: Work with others to explore our life paths, inspired by the wisdom found in the Tarot cards.



upcoming dates:

Saturday 1 June, 10am – 7pm

Sunday 2 June, 10am – 7pm

A Journey with the Marseille Tarot programme details

A delicious freshly prepared wholefoods lunch will be provided each day.

This workshop is open to all, we especially welcome newcomers to Concord Institute.

Location: Concord Institute

Price: £575
(deposit £150, non-refundable and non-transferable)

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