A two-day workshop led by Guilhem Morera, taking on an immersive enquiry into the Astro-Card system, hidden within the deck of the 52 playing cards.

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Diving into the Astro-Card system with Guilhem Morera

“The real struggle of man is not the strife with his fellowmen, but with infinity, and this is not even a struggle; it is, in essence, an acquiescence. We must voluntarily acquiesce to infinity. In the description of sorcerers, our lives originate in infinity, and they end up wherever they originated: infinity.” Carlos Castaneda

Collectively and individually, we appear to be facing a great number of challenges in our world. From the environmental and the economic, to both the physical and mental health related, our society is dealing with enormous pressure.

At this same time, knowledge and practices from the ancient world appear to be resurfacing and becoming available to us. They are like long-lost tools. Once we understand how to use them, they remind us of our true energetic nature and of our inalienable connection with Infinity.

Such are the secrets behind the deck of the 52 playing cards; an ancient system of knowledge which had been forgotten for centuries and yet hidden in plain sight all around us!

During this two day workshop we will immerse ourselves within the in-depth study of the 52 cards, which can be referred to as the Astro-Card system. We will:

  • Discover and go deeper into the hidden language of the cards.
  • Learn about the planets and their role within the Zodiac.
  • Reveal the connection between the playing cards and the Tarot cards.
  • Look at the cards which have designed our energetic make-up.
  • Work in small groups to discover stories from our lives that reveal the connection to these cards.
  • Learn about the “Path of the Initiate” and the old meaning of the Jacks.
  • Review the key cycles in the Astro-Card system, including both the ‘Life Cycle’ and the ‘Seven Year Cycle’
  • Learn the context of creating a reading using the Astro-Card system.
  • Work in groups to create our ‘Yearly Spread’
  • Undertake a full reading of this spread, informed by the knowledge gained during the weekend.

This workshop is designed both for beginners and advanced students of the Astro-Card system.

Throughout the workshop, we shall practise ancient Toltec movements of body and breath, which act to silence our mind and facilitate direct perception of energy.

Our intention is to engage with the AstroCards as an act of energetic seeing, allowing us to listen, read, speak and act from our connection to Infinity.

To learn more about the facilitator, click here to visit our facilitators page, and scroll down to find Guilhem Morera.

upcoming dates:

Saturday 28 May, 10am – 7pm

Sunday 29 May, 10am – 7pm

Ancient Tools for Modern Times programme details

A delicious freshly prepared wholefoods lunch will be provided each day.

This workshop is open to all, we especially welcome newcomers to Concord Institute.

Location: Concord Institute

Price: £375
(deposit £100, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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