The question is often asked, “Where do we go from here?” Yet wherever we go, we are always here. We never really arrive in the future. Like tomorrow, it is always at least an increment away. Still, we are always here. Shall we not dedicate some time to explore this ‘here’?

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The question is often asked, “Where do we go from here?” Yet wherever we go, we are always here.

We never really arrive in the future. Like tomorrow, it is always at least an increment away. Still, we are always here. Shall we not dedicate some time to explore this ‘here’?

OK. We can easily see that our physical bodies are here … yet are we present now? Or are we immersed in thought – opinions, desires, going over things past, daydreaming or projecting about the future? Are we on automatic pilot or lost in media? Distraction is a prevalent condition.

This is not to premise that there is something wrong with such diversions per se. We humans, however, habitually and/or unconsciously, tend to let this tendency consume most of our life. Are we saving the ‘being here, present now’ just for occasions such as an imminent departure or death, ours or that of a dear friend or relative and a few other rare and poignant circumstances? Cannot this presence be more readily lived in everyday life?

In this course, our principal engagement will be noticing behaviour, our own individually and that of the group, as it occurs. Inasmuch as thought directs energy, bringing attention to our behaviour in the present provides an opportunity to observe the content, structure and movement of our thought forms – the what does what – from the higher vantage point of awareness. Awareness is intrinsically a non-doing. Although we cannot do it, we can notice our not being aware. Paradoxically, this recognition is the dawning of awareness.

The fundamentals of this course are sublimely simple. There is essentially no new information needed to learn….though there is much to discover! With just a few guidelines, we attend to what is occurring moment by moment – simply and without specific technique. The learning or unlearning (as the case may be) is primarily a function of ‘seeing’ rather than ‘thinking about it’, and occurs in the context of everyone’s participation – most vitally from realisations catalysed by one’s own direct experience.

Our engagement is not aimed at changing, working on, or fixing ourselves. It is fundamentally about opening a space for awareness to be present in our lives. Unattached witnessing enables seeing, inclusive of no-longer-needed behaviours acquired through past conditioning. In recognising (re-cognising) these, new possibilities become available. Thus the light of awareness, focusing from a perspective transcendent of egoistic mentality, naturally illuminates opportunities for consciousness to evolve. You are already whole and radiant; our opportunity is in unveiling this reality.

This exploration occurs through dialogue, focused awareness sessions, exercises, games and whatever extemporarily arises.

Why would you choose to engage in Being Here, Present Now?

If you feel drawn to do so, that is reason enough.

The facilitator for Being Here, Present Now is Evan Root. Since 1981, Evan has been facilitating the emergence of human potential in diverse settings around the world, including prisons, businesses, government and charity organisations, and through holding gatherings and courses for individuals who are drawn to participate. You can read more about Evan here.

Participants from previous Being Here, Present Now courses credit their experience with…

  • freeing creative energy
  • enhancing expression
  • increased spontaneity
  • reducing reactivity
  • deepening listening
  • accessing inner knowing
  • strengthening centredness
  • feeling inner peace


You are invited to watch this video interview with Evan Root, as he speaks about the Being Here, Present Now programme:

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Being Here, Present Now participant testimonials


Being Here Present Now was a powerful experience, unlike anything else I’ve done. It totally shook me up. I am still present to the huge amount of energy that was freed up that weekend; it was like a clearing out. The course gave me more freedom to be in the moment. In the weeks after the programme some big decisions came up, and I credit the course for shaking those out.

Dan Sherlock


Being Here, Present Now is an opportunity to stop, quieten, to pause everyday life; and to use that space to get present to who and what is there in each of us. It was an incredibly powerful experience, and after the programme there was space for life to re-emerge. Space to connect with, to speak into existence some unexpressed dreams. What was in the way was now on the table, and whispered dreams could be placed alongside it with honesty. This programme is about being here from the inside out; acknowledging our true self and allowing that to be in the world.

Anna Halsall

Support Worker

Being Here, Present Now was an extraordinary experience: transformation in the body experientially, and powerfully. I valued the space and time to connect deeply with who I am being. The technique of cultivating one's own awareness as it is unfolding, with minimal guidelines and structure, is so simple: but a challenging process. Following the programme, I have felt a deep desire to keep in relationship with what I experienced, in my work, personal relationships, and ongoing training in transformation.

Deborah Murphy-Smith

Senior Service Manager

Being Here, Present Now programme details

A delicious wholefood lunch and dinner will be provided Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.


Location: Concord Institute, London

Price: TBA

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