Join us in this delightful odyssey, where the essence of natural ingredients intertwines with creativity, leading to the crafting of irresistible, guilt-free chocolate indulgence!

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Chocolate Workshop: Creating Decadent Vegan and Sugar-Free Chocolate Truffles with Natural Pigments


In this delicious chocolate-making workshop you will use all natural ingredients to craft heavenly, tasty chocolate desserts that can be enjoyed in balance with a healthy diet. Tailored for vegans, health-conscious connoisseurs, and those with a discerning sweet palate. In this evening workshop, you will practice the techniques for making chocolate treats that are delicious & nutritious

Course Highlights:

Introduction to Vegan Chocolate:
Master the art of tempering vegan chocolate, ensuring a flawless, glossy finish for your creations.

Exploring Natural Pigments:
Immerse yourself in the vibrant palette of natural pigments derived from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Unlock the secrets to crafting visually captivating truffles using these exquisite, nature-inspired colours.

Sugar-Free Sweeteners:
Discover the sweetness of nature with alternatives like stevia, maple syrup, or coconut sugar. Learn the delicate balance of sweetness, enhancing taste without compromising on health.

Truffle Making Techniques:
Perfect the art of crafting the quintessential ganache, the heart of every truffle. Experiment with a range of textures and flavours, from velvety smoothness to satisfying crunchiness.

Creative Flavors and Fillings:
Infuse your truffles with enticing flavours like citrus zest, aromatic spices, and herbal extracts, all derived from natural sources. Innovate with fillings such as nut butter, fruit purees, or exotic teas.

Artistic Presentation:
Elevate your truffles into edible masterpieces using decoration techniques featuring edible flowers, cocoa dust, and natural food paints. Master the art of presenting your creations, ensuring they are visually appealing and Instagram-worthy, all inspired by the elegance of nature.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Insights:
Learn the nutritional benefits of using natural ingredients to promote overall well-being.

Hands-On Practical Sessions:
Experience hands-on truffle-making under the expert guidance of seasoned chocolatiers. Craft your array of truffles, utilizing the skills and techniques honed during the course.

Tasting and Feedback:
Experience a delectable tasting session, savouring your creations and engaging in feedback exchanges with fellow participants and instructors.

Course Outcome:
By the course’s conclusion, participants will not only have perfected the art of crafting exquisite vegan and refined sugar-free chocolate truffles but also cultivated a deep appreciation for the natural world’s vibrant palette. Armed with their handmade truffles, a comprehensive recipe booklet, and newfound confidence, participants will be able to recreate these delightful, nature-inspired treats in the comfort of their homes.

Click here to visit our Facilitator Page to read more about Raffaella Baruzzo who will be facilitating this event.

If you would like to register or find out more, please contact Raphy Mendoza at or on 07891 741045.

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements (e.g. Vegan or gluten-free), please let us know upon booking. We can adapt to accommodate your requirements.

Dates Available:

11th December 2023 – Sold Out

18th December 2023 – Spaces Available


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upcoming dates:

18 December 

06:30 pm – 9:30 pm



The Art and Craft of Chocolate participant testimonials


"Heart in a Pot helped me in keeping the momentum going after the cooking sessions of the Foundation Course. Chef Nicholas guided us, with knowledge and kindness, through every step of the preparation of a delicious hearty dinner that we then enjoyed all together. An experience that I would definitely recommend!! "

Angelo Tantillo


Participating in the Atelier 1-day cooking course was a beautiful, grounding, nourishing and relationally rich day. Jean was a masterful teacher, weaving in practical cooking tips with fascinating insights into the history and philosophy of organic whole-meal food. I came away feeling light, replenished, inspired, and armed with some new recipes and techniques to try out at home. I can’t recommend it enough.

Rich Devine


I really enjoy these Heart in a Pot classes. It makes cooking healthy meals really accessible. The deep knowledge of food and seasons come through in the teaching. Even if you have made a dish before, there are cooking techniques to learn in every class and often I find myself cooking and experimenting with new variations of vegetables. It's great for beginners or to remind us how to cook wholefoods really well so they taste delicious!

Phillipa James

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Location: Concord Institute, Unit 2-4 Thane Works, London, N7 7NU

Price: £65

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