For the first time, Concord Institute will be offering coaching services to the community at large. Six sessions will take place over a 6-12 week period, drawing on our model of Integral Coaching, which is customised to meet the individual needs of each person’s situation.

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One of the hallmarks of Concord courses and programmes is the use of coaches to supplement in-centre course work. This is especially true for the Foundation Course where each participant is assigned a coach to support and assist with completing various assignments over a 3-month period but more particularly assisting them with personal issues or challenges that arise in the course of the programme.

Coaching at its most basic is about empowerment. What does that mean? It means several things. Firstly, it represents a gradual enrolment into a different order of power. An effective coach identifies the areas and situations in one’s life that are energy draining and an ineffective use of resources. By divesting oneself from those situations, the freed energy can then be redeployed to those areas in which one has a legitimate stake or interest.

Secondly, coaching is a partnership in which the coach commits him or herself wholeheartedly to the intentions of the one being coached, ideally creating a relationship in which the “whole” (the coaching relationship itself) becomes greater than the sum of its parts. In the coaching partnership, the coach stands in and holds open a larger dimensional space for the one being coached.

From there, the coach supports and guides their coachee through the various stages on their way to the fulfilment and realisation of the intentions established at the outset. Coaching provides a support structure or safety net that enables one to make mistakes, go astray, or become disillusioned without compromising the overall mission.



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As a charity, our mandate as an educational organisation has always revolved around health and well-being. We have been promoting an integral model that recommends specific dietary practices, bodywork programmes, and offers self-inquiry workshops that are designed to cultivate a healthy self-expression and self-confidence.

Now, for the first time, Concord Institute will be offering coaching services to the community at large, customised to meet the individual needs of each person’s situation. We will be employing the same approach to coaching that has been so successful in our Foundation Course. We have solicited some feedback by both coaches and coachees alike which you will find below.

In light of this, the coaching services that we will be providing will fall under the heading of “Integral Coaching”. In other words, the coaching will emphasise a holistic approach rather than merely an issues-oriented approach. This does not mean that one cannot bring a specific issue to the coaching arrangement. It only means that we will approach that issue from a holistic point of view and be looking into areas that at first might seem completely unrelated.

In terms of coaching services, in most cases we will be offering a six-session block of coaching spread over 6-12 weeks with each session lasting approximately an hour and a half. A review will take place after the first three sessions. Should we achieve the stated intention during that time, the coaching can be terminated early by mutual consent.

We list below some of the areas in which people have felt Concord coaching has made a clear and profound difference:

  • Health and well-being (nutrition, bodywork, healing, and health)
  • Life-stage project (life purpose, professional calling, starting or running a business, new home, personal goals/ dreams)
  • Relationship issues (family, partnerships, children, parenting)
  • Work or career-related (work issues, business challenges, finding work or right career)
  • Financial issues (money, financial stability, financial goals, investing)
  • Community projects (environmental, social, political)
  • Home environment (physical space, workspace, renovation etc.)

If you would like to take up the opportunity of this new service, please click on the ‘register to participate’ button and complete the form, selecting ‘other’ in the drop-down list. As well as giving us your contact details, please briefly specify the areas of your life you would like the coaching service to focus on in the ‘your message’ box.

Please scroll down to read what people have said about their experience of coaching.

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Concord Coaching Services participant testimonials


My coach was intuitive, sensitive and fierce in her clarity. She felt like my mother tiger when I was lost and scared, needing someone to be brave and strong to help me roar. I trusted her completely with my well-being and desire for me to be truly free. Anyone who gets the chance to experience some powerful committed coaching will not forget it.

Louisa Chowen

Service Manager

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