During this two-day workshop with Bill Tara, we will explore the fundamental distinctions of Macrobiotics and discover how they can be applied throughout our daily lives.

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A Two-Day Workshop with Bill Tara

Since the beginning of time humans have been asking questions about how the world works. We want to know how to align ourselves to the rhythms and cycles of nature, how to live with the changes and adapt to the challenges. We want to know how to live a life that is vibrant and allows us to unlock our latent potential for health and creativity. The principles and practice of macrobiotics address these issues.

The philosopher, George Oshawa, deconstructed the ancient wisdom of Taoism and reduced to its practical core. Combining his insights with Japanese healing traditions he created the principles of modern macrobiotics and created a global movement. While being most known for its dietary principles, Oshawa’s philosophy was far more wide ranging.

Guided by Bill Tara, long term Macrobiotic teacher and the founder of the Community Health Foundation, we will explore the macrobiotic understanding of ourselves and the world around us through the energies that animates the material world, Yin/Yang and the Five Transformations. These wisdom traditions lie at the root of the Philosophy, Art, Medicine and Spiritual Understanding of the Far East.

We will see how this ecological way of thinking can be used to understand nutrition, health and healing, self-diagnosis, and general lifestyle.

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Content of the course:


  • Yin/Yang – The Principles of Change
  • The Spiral Dance – Form and Function
  • The Five Transformations of Energy
  • George Oshawa and the Order of Nature


  • Yin/Yang and Food Energy
  • Plant and Animal Morphology
  • Homeostasis – The Idea of Adaptation & Balance
  • Modern Nutrition and Macrobiotics


  • The Body Electric – Energy and Substance
  • Bo Shin – The Art of Seeing
  • Physical Constitution & Condition
  • Inside / Outside – Using Self-Diagnosis
  • Mind / Body – Condition and Behaviour


  • The Feng Shui of Daily Life
  • Exercise & Therapies Yin/Yang
  • The Ecology of Body and Mind
  • Peace of Mind in the Material World


upcoming dates:

Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 February, (10am – 7pm)

Essential Macrobiotics programme details

A delicious home-made macrobiotic lunch and dessert provided each day.


Location: Concord Institute

Price: £400
(deposit £125, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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