Unlock the secrets of Feng Shui and Nine Ki to harmonise with nature's rhythms and enhance your life. Discover how aligning your home's energy can boost creativity, improve relationships, and propel personal and professional projects to success. Click to explore how Simon's expertise can transform your space and life.

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Feng Shui and Nine Ki, seek to understand the cycles, movements and interactions of nature so that humans might use these natural forces to achieve more with less effort. Obvious examples would be swimming with the tide or sailing with the wind, however, there are many more subtle forces at play in our lives that can make the difference as to whether a project succeeds to its full potential.

During this course, we explore the natural forces or chi present in a home and how to adjust these to create new possibilities in life. The premise is that if a space can encourage us to feel positive, enthused, energetic, inspired, creative and insightful we are more like to find solutions to challenges. At the same time, creating areas to deeply relax, contemplate, heal, regenerate and sleep will nourish and restore us, ready for the next phase of activity.

Nine Ki is used to help understand the cycle of nature so we might align with natural cycles to help start a new project, begin a relationship or make changes in life. We also apply Nine Ki to our birth dates and major events in life to help us understand part of the journey we are on. We can also use this to better understand and appreciate other people in our lives. Practically, this can be applied to exploring how a couple might find ways to best support each other to make the most of their lives.

Simon has been teaching feng shui since 1990, studied extensively with Takashi Yoshikawa, and is the author of many best-selling feng shui books. His clients have included British Airways, The Body Shop, Paris Airports as well as thousands of homes and small businesses.

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upcoming dates:

10am – 7pm (UK time)

26th and 27th of October 2024

Your Home, a Place of Power and Possibilities! programme details

A freshly prepared wholefood lunch and dessert will be served each day

Location: Concord Institute, Unit 2-4 Thane Works, London, N7 7NU

Price: £525
(deposit £125, non-refundable and non-transferable)

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