iEvolve introduces participants to the transformational work of Concord Institute. The programme’s rigorous process of self-enquiry offers a new engagement with life that is at once redemptive, yet at the same time acts as a springboard to catapult our lives into the unknown of evolutionary possibility.

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iEvolve – Doorway to the Unknown

In evolution there are critical moments that produce profound transformations, such as when the first fish walked up on land several billion years ago. In that instance, land life became a possibility from which “you” eventually emerged. Likewise, in our own lives, there are similar moments that can offer profound transformation in which one can cross the threshold of the known and enter upon the unknown shore of evolutionary possibility. iEvolve is that.

Sages and other spiritual seekers over the millennia have spoken of this moment, but it is usually referenced very differently, depending on the cultural, religious or philosophical setting of the time. Nevertheless, it was generally an exclusive club with relatively few members. The times have changed. What used to take place in monasteries, or at the back of caves, is now out in the open and available to all with sound mind and heart. iEvolve is that.

So, what’s this got to do with me, my life, and my everyday concerns? Everything! From a young age, we are programmed by parents, educators and society to make something of ourselves. We do. We become the main character in a story about our life, seeking the ultimate solution…to make it, and become someone. And that’s the problem! We may be unknowingly living our lives within a pattern of existence whose sole purpose is to reinforce this notion of a separate self, a separate you. This idea of a separate “me”, we discover, may turn out to be a modern superstition. iEvolve does that.

So what does it mean? Like earlier beliefs in a flat earth or a geocentric earth, there comes a time when a Pythagoras or Galileo question and challenge the fundamental reality of the time. The fundamental belief of our time is that there is a “me” in there somewhere. It may mean your whole life has been in the service of perpetuating a myth, and that can never be satisfying. Like most superstitions, it eventually gets exposed. iEvolve does that.

The evolutionary process, as offered here, occurs in a group process over several days that unmasks certain fundamental illusions perpetrated by the consensus reality of our times. As the group becomes a coherent movement, it produces a state change that reaches criticality.

In that moment, as Alan Watts once said, there is a turning in the deepest seat of consciousness, and all sense of constraint drops away. The cocoon which the silkworm had spun around itself opens to let him go forth winged as a moth. iEvolve is designed to facilitate that step. It is what Jiddu Krishnamurti referred to as “freedom from the known”.

To hear from those who have taken part in iEvolve, please scroll down to read the testimonials below.

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Friday 24, Saturday 25, Sunday 26 November (9am-11pm CET), Wednesday 29 November 2023 (7pm – 11pm CET)


iEvolve Belgium participant testimonials


"I came to participate on iEvolve, somewhat recognising that my experiences of life (particularly around relationships, work and wellbeing) was repetitive - I was complaining about the same stuff all the time. I could see that I was the common denominator, but I couldn't see what I was doing to have my life be how it was. During the programme, I experienced a moment of profound clarity where I was able to see myself in action in my life. Then came a shift from the experience of life as 'happening to me', to that of life being something that I create each day. Standing somewhere where life is a co-creation in which I'm an active part, I feel a greater responsibility and ownership for the life that I do have. By no means is my life now suddenly instagrammable – and nothing is fixed - but I can legitimately call it my own."

Raphy Mendoza

Brand Strategist and Designer

I was drawn to participating in the iEvolve programme after going through a period of change in my career. I'd noticed a disconnect between what I was doing day-to-day and where my passions lay. My heart was no longer in my work, family life had become a burden and I needed reinvigorating. Despite being initially sceptical about what I might get from taking part, I found the course thoroughly engaging and I experienced a deep connection with the other participants – well beyond my expectations. I left the course on a natural high – it was very strange but most agreeable. Ultimately, iEvolve has helped me to recalibrate and has set me on a path of new possibility. Whilst essentially I remain the same person in the same predicament, I have been able to loosen the shackles of how I see myself in the world and can begin to dream new possibilities.

Gavin Wilshen


"I came to iEvolve looking for a breakthrough that would progress an on-going commitment to become a more conscious being, capable of making a real contribution to others and thus living a life worth living. The three day and one evening event was exquisitely run. I felt nurtured and nourished from head to toe by the content, food and group I participated with, whilst importantly having the space and stillness to safely let go. What happened next might be best described as touching bliss. Something shifted inside, an opening emerged and has remained. I feel less gripped by life and the experience of committing to my life making a difference deepened. Priorities have changed and life is a little more effortless. I highly recommend iEvolve to anyone who wants to expand their consciousness and is tired of how they are living life."

Carissa Bub

Executive and Team Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker

"My friend invited me to iEvolve when I was in a really tough place in my life. Health issues were affecting my ability to work and I was in a relationship that wasn’t serving me. Underlying this was a deeper question that was always there and occupied a large chunk of my time and energy was “why am I here in this life and what on earth am I doing?!”. iEvolve was a place that I could bring all of that to the table, discover a new relationship with my health, relationship and these questions. I experienced a sense of freedom. I remember, on the Monday after the weekend, walking in the woods and experiencing how alive everything was and knowing that, whatever this work was, I needed to continue to take on my life and get underneath the stories and narratives that had a deep hold on me. Nearly five years on, I can honestly say that participating in iEvolve has placed me more fully in my life and able to engage with what life brings."

Lumi Thring

Shiatsu Practitioner & Taiko Drummer

I was recommended iEvolve by my partner and found it tremendously powerful. The course offers a safe space to feel vulnerable, which is important in diving deeply into one’s past, one’s presumptions and one’s experiences and bear oneself to the depths of reality, looking through a focus that otherwise would not have been possible. It enabled me to come back to the surface reinvigorated, refreshed and rejunevated. The course was led with challenge but in a safe and caring way. And because no stone was left unturned I realised that the things I’d blamed others for or been challenged by were, in fact, deep-set patterns in my own life. iEvolve is a revealing process, valuable to me and I’d highly recommend it.

John O'Donnell

Chartered Accountant

I decided to participate in iEvolve after realizing that while I thought things looked alright from the outside, I was not living a fulfilled life that nurtured the real me. So many years had been spent building emotional walls that I didn’t even know who the real me was. iEvolve provided a safe space to tear down those walls. Guided by facilitators, and supported by a community of participants, we explored honestly what restricts our potential. The ties that bound me began to unravel and reveal a true essence. It was a truly profound journey. I felt that I had experienced my spirit on a different plane and that different perspective was the beginning of a journey that is changing the way I live life.

Helen Leonowitz

Registered Nurse/Clinical Nurse Educator

iEvolve shifted the paradigms of how I see things. I experienced an amazing group and individual experience which produced positive change. I loved the references the course uses. The weekend has a pace and a dynamism that lifts the soul. Less worries, more joy, doors opened. I have more purpose, more taste for life, more appreciation of what I have and more joy in the moment. '

John Scally

Secondary School Teacher

iEvolve Belgium programme details

Wholefood lunches and evening meals are included on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Location: Emagine Center Paardenmarkt 65, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Price: £615
(deposit £200, non-refundable and non-transferable)

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"Life before and after" by Jim Buckley (2016)

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