As we transition from winter to spring, we warm meals with a depth of flavour that can be adapted for cooler or warmer days. During the busy work week, we also want to be able to cook efficiently, whilst keeping ourselves nourished.

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Wholefood cooking classes with Concord Institute

We’re so excited to announce our Japanese Series of ‘Heart in a Pot’. Join us in our welcoming kitchen where our wholefood teachers will inspire you to make delicious dishes that feed your body and heart and connect you to the Earth.

In this series, we will learn to make Japanese-inspired one-pot meals. We will be exploring traditional Japanese ingredients, all of which will be available to purchase at Cascades Culinary online or in-store. You will learn the fundamentals of each of these dishes – the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of combining ingredients.

Heart in a Pot” is a series of 3 interactive classes, taking place on Monday evenings, 7 – 9pm at Concord Institute in Finsbury Park. Numbers are limited to ensure full attention for all students.

The cost is £180 for the entire series of 3 classes, or £65 for a single drop-in session.

If you would like to find out more about this cooking series, please contact Sarah Williams at or 07919 888437.





Japanese ‘Nabe’ Hot-Pot

Nabe is a warming dish for the autumn-winter months, traditionally cooked in ceramic pots which are also called ‘nabe’. Families would gather around the Nabe on the tabletop stove and eat as they cook. Nabe is with any myriad of seasonal greens, mushrooms and vegetables in addition animal proteins and tofu. In this class, we will use white fish and tofu.

Facilitator Blandine Bardeau


Heart in a Pot throughout the February till March.

Other classes in this series

Japanese Root Vegetables ‘Oden’ Stew
Monday, 12th Feb, 709pm
Facilitator Sarah Williams

Japanese ‘Soba’ Noodles
Monday, 19th Feb, 7-9pm
Facilitator Nicholas Allan

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements (e.g. Vegan or Gluten Free), please let us know upon booking. We can adapt all of our dishes to accommodate your requirements.

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upcoming dates:

04th March

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Facilitator Blandine Bardeau

Japanese ‘Nabe’ Hot-Pot Heart in a Pot participant testimonials


I really enjoy these Heart in a Pot classes. It makes cooking healthy meals really accessible. The deep knowledge of food and seasons come through in the teaching. Even if you have made a dish before, there are cooking techniques to learn in every class and often I find myself cooking and experimenting with new variations of vegetables. It's great for beginners or to remind us how to cook wholefoods really well so they taste delicious!

Phillipa James

Japanese ‘Nabe’ Hot-Pot Heart in a Pot programme details

£65 per drop-in session, or £180 for all 3 sessions of the “Heart in a Pot Japanese Series”

For drop-ins, please book 3 days in advance.



Location: Concord Institute, Unit 2-4 Thane Works, London, N7 7NU

Price: £65

other upcoming programmes: