JumpStart is a seven-day residential that takes place at Oxon Hoath in Kent. The programme offers intensive training in wholefood cooking and bodywork practice, alongside dialogue that questions our conventional way of looking at life.

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JumpStart: Health-In-Action


JumpStart is an annual one-week advanced residential programme that takes place on a manor estate in Kent. Passing through the wrought iron gates of Oxon Hoath, participants enter a dream-like world seemingly from another time. As a fully-equipped conference centre, the facility offers the perfect venue for a residential retreat, not to mention being surrounded by an exquisite natural environment of gardens, ancient trees and breathtaking vistas.

Health is the underlying theme of this programme, but by health we do not simply mean the absence of sickness. We mean the presence of a harmonious relationship between your inner subjective world and the outer world of things and events. In fact, true health lives in the awareness of the co-arising and mutually constitutive relationship between the two worlds.

The restoration of that relationship represents the conscious participation of a dream wherein we are at once both the dreamer and the one being dreamed. As we dream the world, the world dreams us, and it is that conscious experience, which is the bedrock of health in its most fundamental expression.

In the first half of this programme you will learn certain practices and disciplines that serve to sustain and deepen the breakthroughs and openings you achieved in past programmes. In essence, this part of the training focuses on nutritional and dietary patterns, bodywork practices, communication and self-expression, as well as leadership training through team building exercises.

In the second half of the programme, through rigorous interactive dialogue, you will explore the dimension of time; specifically how time gives each of us the life we live by framing and colouring the possibilities open to us. When you can experientially recognize your life story as a tale told in time, then you can be present to the way that dimension limits your experience of being alive as well as the future available to you. And from that new relationship to time a new relationship to your story emerges.

To JumpStart your life is to add acceleration to the journey from survival to freedom.

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upcoming dates:

Monday 19 August – Sunday 25 August 2024

JumpStart participant testimonials


Reading a book or going to a therapist can, if you are lucky, help you understand who we are, how we function. What made JumpStart unique is that in one week, not only did I understand transformation with my modern mind, I also experienced it with my total body. Empowered by the group conversations, the food and the bodywork sessions, I was able to open my heart. The experience helped make a fundamental and sustainable shift in my life; towards myself, my family and work. JumpStart made me feel true transformation - true love, during the course and still today. My thanks to all who made this wonderful experience and shift in my life possible.

Johan Bogaerts

Vice-President, Marketing

JumpStart programme details

Residential programme

Wholefood breakfasts, lunches and dinners included

Location: Oxon Hoath, Kent, UK

Price: £2,500
(deposit £350, non-refundable and non-transferable)

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