A workshop with Maria Serrano, discovering the transformational healing mechanisms of your body, how to boost your immune system and promote profound change within both the physical and psychological aspects of your being.

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A weekend with Maria Serrano

During this workshop you will discover how to access the transformational healing mechanisms of your body, how to boost your immune system and promote profound change within both physical and psychological aspects of your being.

You will be invited to walk a variety of ancestral paths, exploring and experiencing a range of ancient techniques and healing arts firmly based on time-honoured Oriental diciplines. Our journey together will take in energy medicine, oriental therapies, yoga, meditation, sound and voice work.

The intention of this programme is to provide you with a guided introduction to some simple but powerful techniques to enable you to reconnect with your body, access your own healing power and promote an enhanced sense of harmony within your being and integration within your life.

We will explore how the energy of your internal organs plays a part influencing your emotions and seeing how negative emotions can be transformed into positive using pressure points to rebalance energy flows within the meridians (energy channels), voice work and meditation.

This workshop is open to all levels and abilities, we particularly welcome those we are new to exploring bodywork practices, as well as those who are seasoned in different disciplines. Those who are new to Concord Institute are especially welcome.

The workshop will include:

  • Exploration and mindful connection with the breath and being in the present.
  • Setting your course for new beginnings – orientation and the cycle of life and strategies to stay on track.
  • A brief introduction to Energy / Chi / Prana.
  • Exercises to feel and understand Chi, sensing energy and self healing
  • The Oriental philosophy of body-mind-emotion inter-connection.
  • Interactive exercises in pairs, groups and individually to provide the space to experience the connection between body and emotions.
  • Exercises to balance and strengthen the energetic system, the internal organs and the corresponding emotions.
  • An intoduction to Japanese Do-in and the 12 energy channels and the main pressure points for everyday use.
  • The seven chakras – how corporeal energies manifest and affect our lives; some strategies to balance them going forward.
  • The pillars of healthy living – exercise, diet, meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and balanced body connection.
  • Chi-kung for calming and centring the mind.
  • Exploring the power of meditation, chanting and ritual.

upcoming dates:

Saturday 12 February, 10am – 6pm

Sunday 13 February, 10am – 6pm

Embracing the Light programme details

A specially created wholefoods lunch and dessert will be served each day.

Location: Concord Institute, London

Price: £375
(deposit £100 , non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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