During this two-day workshop with Bill Tara, we will see how this ecological way of thinking can be used to empower us in the development of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

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Macrobiotics: An Ecology of Mind and Body

Each of us is a living system within a grander living system. We are connected to each other and the world in more ways than we can fathom. If we focus on that wholeness, we can begin to imagine a culture that can heal the fragmentation and destructiveness of our time. This truth lies at the foundation of wisdom traditions from around the world – macrobiotics is a modern expression of that understanding.


The philosopher, George Oshawa, deconstructed the ancient wisdom of Taoism and reduced it to its practical core.

Combining his insights with Japanese healing traditions he created the principles of modern macrobiotics and created a global movement. While most known for its dietary principles, Oshawa’s philosophy was far more wide-ranging.


Over the course of two days, we will explore the macrobiotic portals to understanding physical and emotional health, society, and our place within the natural world. We will see how this ecological way of thinking can be used to empower us in the development of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

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Contents Day One:


  • Yin/Yang – The Principles of Change
  • Feeling or Thinking?
  • Oshawa’s Magic Eyeglasses
  • The Spiral Dance – Form and Function
  • George Oshawa and Natural Justice and Karma
  • Body Autonomy
  • Discernment, Decision or Judgement?


  • Health and Sickness
  • Body and Mind, Health and Perception
  • Fundamental Nutrition
  • Yin/Yang and Food Energy
  • Plant and Animal Morphology
  • Homeostasis – The Idea of Adaptation & Balance
  • Modern Nutrition and Macrobiotics

Contents Day Two:


  • Ancient BioEnergetics
  • Energy and Substance
  • Patterns of Stability and Vulnerability
  • Bo Shin – The Art of Seeing
  • Physical Constitution & Condition
  • Health, Emotion and Demeanour
  • Inside / Outside – Using Self-Diagnosis


  • The Feng Shui of Daily Life
  • Exercise & Therapies Yin/Yang
  • The Ecology of the Mind
  • Kushi’s Spiral of History
  • Stressors and Triggers
  • Keeping Your Vision


upcoming dates:

Friday 5 May (7pm-10pm)

Saturday 6, Sunday 7 May (10am-7pm)

Macrobiotics: An Ecology of Mind and Body programme details

A delicious homemade macrobiotic lunch and dessert are provided each day.


Location: Concord Institute

Price: £450
(deposit £100, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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