A series of six Tensegrity classes, learning movements handed down from Seers of Ancient Mexico which open up the world of the Butterfly and The Dreaming Awake Tree.

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A Six-Week Tensegrity Series

“…along with the other animals, the stones, the trees, and the clouds, we ourselves are characters within a huge story that is visibly unfolding all around us, participants within the vast imagination, or Dreaming, of the world.” David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous

The Shamans of Ancient Mexico were purported to be able to transform into animals, birds, rocks and rivers… Whether they literally transformed their physical bodies or they transmuted their states of consciousness into that of other entities, we may never know…

What we do know is that through practising Magical Passes – movements of body and breath handed down from these Shamans – we can shift our perception and inhabit the world of other beings within the natural environment.

These Magical Passes were not invented per se, but appeared to the Shamans in states of Heightened Awareness.

During this six-week series, we will learn two ‘long forms’ of Magical Passes, which generate for the practitioner the energy of other beings who inhabit the earth alongside us.

The first will be the Butterfly, adapted from a form which was shown in the early Tensegrity videos. The second is a form known as The Dreaming Awake Tree Form.

Both sets of movements take us beyond our everyday perception and allow us to enter the world of the Butterfly and the Tree; perhaps feeling into the space beyond all of us sentient beings…. the vast Unknown of Infinity.

Our Tensegrity facilitators have been trained by Cleargreen, the organisation founded by Carlos Castaneda to teach and promote Tensegrity.

To read more about Tensegrity, click here. To read more about the facilitator of this series, Charlotte Hopper, click here to visit our facilitators’ page and scroll down.

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upcoming dates:

This is a series of six classes, taking place on:

Wednesday 3, 10, 17, 31 August, 7, 14 September, 7pm – 8.30pm

Please note there is a one-week pause on Wednesday 24 August. 

(Full series only, drop in not available)

Dreaming Ourselves As Nature programme details

The first class is available as a free taster session – this is open to anyone who has not taken part in a Tensegrity session at Concord Institute before.

Attendance for this series is available both in-person and online, please contact the facilitator Charlotte Hopper for more details on 07834496625.



Location: In Person & Online via Zoom

Price: £125
(deposit £40, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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