Human beings are relational creatures. Wherever and whoever we are, we are always in relationship with others - friends, colleagues, family, partners... In this online series, we will practice powerful Toltec movements to explore what it means to have integrity in our relationships.

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Exploring Relationships with Jim Morris

In this series of 6 online classes, we will explore what it means to keep our self-esteem and integrity in our relationships with others.

We all have relationships: friends, intimate partners, parents and siblings, bosses and colleagues. As such, we are always affected and influenced by the energy of people with whom we spend a lot of our time. We establish strong connections with others, whether they are bonds of friendship, love or collaboration.

You may find yourself frequently thinking: “How will they react if I do this?”, or “What will they think if I say this?”. As such, we often end up modelling our ‘self’ on the real or imagined expectations of others. Sometimes, we even feel responsible for the other person and we want to do things for them or impose our point of view on them. We often ‘go out of our way’ for another, in some way. In so doing, sometimes we lose our way entirely.

In this series, we ask ourselves: “How do we shine in our relationships, such that we serve others while maintaining integrity in ourselves?” This will be our enquiry over our time together – each week we will dive deeper into this question.

We will explore: what is it that makes each of us shine in our lives? What makes us feel fully ourselves, as individuals? We will recapitulate and examine how we habitually behave in our different relationships, and begin to see how we might limit ourselves and make ourselves small, or where we might use our power to change the other.

In each of the classes, we will be practising powerful movements from the ancient Toltec traditions. These movements:

  • Allow us to experience our energy, and that of our environment, more sensitively.
  • Provide us with qualities of stability, strength and endurance.
  • Give us a clearer and more objective vision of our unconscious tendencies in our relationships.

Through practising the movements, we create an energetic barrier so we can see ourselves at a distance, thus being able to consider a healthier and more conscious way to be in our relationships.

Listen to Jim Morris, also known as Guilhem Morera speak about Toltec movements and how these can bring integrity in our relationships.

If you would like to register or find out more, please contact Deborah Murphy-Smith at or on 07791 948729.



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Monday evenings, 7pm – 8:30pm.

22nd, 29th Jan | 5th, 12th, 19th, 26 Feb


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