As we transition from winter to spring, we warm meals with a depth of flavour that can be adapted for cooler or warmer days. During the busy work week, we also want to be able to cook efficiently, whilst keeping ourselves nourished.

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Online Cooking Classes – The Soup Series with Jean Torné

We’re delighted to offer you ‘The Soup Series’ – an aptly named series of 6x online cooking classes, each of which focuses on a distinct soup recipe that you can adjust and adapt according to the seasons and the ingredients available to you.

Good, hearty soups with a simple base of vegetable stock is an essential cornerstone in a wholefood cook’s repertoire. They are simple and easy to make, they create very little washing up… and they are a complete meal in one bowl, bringing together vegetables, grains, proteins and a mineral-rich stock for a truly nourishing and nutritious dish.

Most of the ingredients we will use in this series are easily available in organic green grocers and wholefood health shops. Any specialist ingredients we recommend such as kombu and shiitake mushrooms are also available in our retail shop, Cascades Culinary.

If you would like to register or find out more, please contact Raphy Mendoza at or on 07840 355 409.

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements (e.g. Vegan or Gluten Free), please let us know upon booking. We can adapt all of our dishes to accommodate your requirements.



Green (or Yellow) Split Pea Soup (20th Feb)

Split peas are a brilliant addition to your home’s wholefood pantry. They are rich in protein and fibre and contain a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals. They are also affordable, easy to cook, and keep for a long time when stored properly.

In this online cooking class, you will learn to make a simple ‘potage’ soup with little more than some simple seasonal vegetables and a good hearty stock.

Butternut Squash and Miso Soup (27th Feb)

With this simple recipe, you will turn the humble and versatile butternut squash into a nutrition-packed bowl of soup that’s both warming and uplifting. The simple earthsweet flavour of the squash pairs beautifully with the depth and complexity of miso. In this class, you will learn about this very special fermented food, and how to incorporate it into a variety of dishes.

Simple Vegetable Soup (5th Mar)

This method and style of soup is the most versatile. Simply, we will combine whatever vegetables are available to us in the market – whatever the season. Here, we will bring together a delightful medley of cabbage greens, root vegetables and plenty of aromatics to create a soup that is cleansing, healthy and simply bursting with flavour with every spoonful.

Bean and Barley Broth (12th Mar)

This is a classic soup that brings together the key elements of a balanced meal in one pot. Beans and pearl barley is a protein and fibre-rich combination that brings a sweet earthy flavour to this soup. The mineral-rich tamari broth complements this flavour with a deep savoury taste, making a moreish, filling and deeply satisfying bowl.

Vegetarian ‘Goulash’ Soup (19th Mar)

This soup can be made with just about any combination of vegetables making it very adaptable throughout the seasons. The distinctive taste of this dish is that of smoked paprika, which gives complex and layered flavours of sweetness, smokiness, bitterness and a very mild heat. This soup warms the body from the inside out, perfect for the all-too-common rainy grey days.

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20th, 27th February | 5th, 12th, 19th March

6:30 pm – 8pm


Online Series – The Soup Series programme details

Each of the classes can be booked separately and is £50 per class.

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Price: £50 (each)

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