A weekend workshop with Guilhem Morera, exploring the transformative power of our shadow. Learning ancient Toltec power movements and guided astrological wisdom, we shall delve into the darkness and gather new energy and insight for our life.

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A Weekend Workshop with Guilhem Morera: Toltec Movements and Astrology

“Death is an indispensable ingredient in having to believe. Without the awareness of death, everything is ordinary, trivial. It is only because death is stalking him that a warrior has to believe that the world is an unfathomable mystery.

Carlos Castaneda – Tales of Power

This workshop takes place over the last weekend in October. In all human cultures this has been a time to look at what lies beyond our day-to-day awareness. One of the places we don’t usually want to look at is our own darkness.

It is often only possible to do this when we get beyond the personal and experience ourselves in the wider consciousness of the universe. So, in Mexico there are public festivities for the Day of the Dead and closer to home we have Halloween where we put on masks and act out our dark places.

This time of year is ruled astrologically by Pluto, the ancient Greek god of Death and the underworld. It is a time when we are energetically going down into our own darkness; where the death of an old way of being can manifest as a transformation into something new.

Falling at this magical time of year, the workshop will give us the chance to come together and practise movements from the ancient Toltec tradition. We will learn two very special sets of movements that relate to the energy of Pluto.

These will support us as we work in small groups to track contacts we have had with Death in our own lives. We will specifically look at our obsessions, those things which may have almost annihilated us, and yet which may be the key to our greatest freedom and transformation.

We will also explore how Pluto appears in our individual astrological charts. It takes Pluto up to thirty years to move from one sign to the next, so we will see how the influence of Pluto goes far beyond the personal while it plays out in our society’s history.

This workshop is open to all; no prior experience of Toltec movements or Astrology is necessary. The weekend is facilitated by Guilhem Morera. Click here to visit our Facilitators Page and scroll down to read more about Guilhem.

upcoming dates:

Saturday 29 October – Sunday 30 October

10am – 7pm

The Power of The Shadow programme details

A freshly prepared organic wholefoods lunch will be served each day.

Location: Concord Institute

Price: £400
(deposit £125, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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