Delve into the ancient knowledge hidden within the Tarot deck, guided by facilitator Guilhem Morera. During this series of six online classes we will open doors to new worlds of perception.

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An Online Series with Guilhem Morera

Because they had few distractions, unlike ourselves in modern times, ancient people were naturally connected to Silent Knowledge. From this Inner-Silence they could perceive that the world they lived and died in was made up of many layers. They did not simply live in a material world of objects, they lived deeply in the dream world.

They were able to perceive the soul of things: the soul of people and places, the soul of animals and plants, the soul of mountains and planets… and the great soul, the great dream that dreams all dreams – the soul of the universe – which they called Spirit or Infinity.

We sometimes still feel the presence of this dream world when we visit ancient monuments like stone circles, castles and cathedrals. Like these monuments, Tarot cards are remnants of this ancient dream world.

Just like the movements and breathing techniques of the Toltec tradition, the Tarot cards are repositories of the ancient knowledge of these times. They are doors into a different perception of the world.

During this series of six online classes we will open these doors one by one, learning to decipher the symbolism linked to the major arcana of the Tarot deck. We will practice specific movements from the Toltec tradition that are linked to the energy of each arcana, silencing our minds and putting aside our ordinary interpretation of the world. By doing so, we will expand our perception and become able to enter the dream world from which these images come.

During each class, a different Tarot card will be presented. Guilhem will provide some essential keys that will enable us to understand the ancient teachings hidden within. We will also take a moment to collect and recapitulate stories from our own lives that are related to the energy of each card, to help us better understand and connect to them and gain insight.

Please note this is not a course in giving tarot card readings, however it will support and deepen your knowledge, background and ability to read the cards if you are interested in doing so. The course requires no prior experience of cards, toltec movements or any ancient study. It is open to all who are interested.

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upcoming dates:

This series consists of six-online classes, taking place on:

Tuesday 17, 24, 31 January, 7, 14, 21 February

7 – 9pm (UK time)

Dreaming with the Tarot Cards programme details

Location: Online via Zoom

Price: £150
(deposit £50, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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