Tensegrity is the modern name for a unique system of movements and practises handed down from Seers of Ancient Mexico. We offer regular series of classes, sharing the benefits of Tensegrity with newcomers and regular practitioners alike.

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Tensegrity is the modern name given to disciplines handed down from a line of Seers from Ancient Mexico. It comprises movements known as Magical Passes, as well as practises for Dreaming, Inner Silence and Recapitulation (Life Review).

Tensegrity is not an exercise regime or a self-improvement programme, but a system for redeploying our energy and shifting our awareness, opening us to the unknown.

As we develop a Tensegrity practice, we start to experience an increased sense of energy and wellbeing. Through consistent practice, we may experience Inner Silence – the internal dialogue of our mind is lessened or halted.

People who practise Tensegrity regularly report an increase in their sense of vitality, awe at the mysteries of life and a deeper sense of connectivity.

The movements and practises of Tensegrity were passed on to Carlos Castaneda, during the years of his apprenticeship with the Nagual don Juan Matus.

In 1994, Castaneda published a book entitled ‘Magical Passes; The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico’, applying the modern Architectural term ‘Tensegrity’, coined by Buckminster Fuller, due to the way the movements relate to the body as a whole unit, functioning through the interplay between tension and relaxation.

For the last 20 years, Tensegrity has been offered as an integral discipline within Concord Institute’s curriculum.

With an intention to enable more people to discover and experience the benefits of Tensegrity, we will be offering regular series of in person and online classes.

Each of the Tensegrity series will cover the fundamentals of this discipline and yet remain unique, so that attendance of multiple series will not be a repetition but a building of the practise.

These series is designed with newcomers to Tensegrity in mind, and will also be suitable to those with experience of Tensegrity, who are seeking to maintain and develop their practise with others.

Our Tensegrity facilitators have been trained by Cleargreen, the organisation founded by Carlos Castaneda to teach and promote Tensegrity. To read more about the facilitator of this series, Charlotte Hopper, click here to visit our facilitators’ page and scroll down.

upcoming dates:

Our Tensegrity Series take place over a course of six weeks from 7 – 8.30pm.

Dates of the forthcoming series:

2, 9, 23, 30 November, 7, 14 December (click here for more details)

If you have not attended a Tensegrity class before, you are welcome to join the first class of any series as a free taster.

Tensegrity Series programme details

Location: Concord Institute

Price: £125 (six-week series)
(deposit £40, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

other upcoming programmes: