In this series, we will engage in powerful Toltec movements from the lineage of ancient seers and recapitulate our early childhood to discover the code at the core of who we are.

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Back to Our Roots: Toltec Movements and Recapitulation

As children, we begin life in a very open state of being where we absorb everything that surrounds us. Have you noticed how children look at the world around them? They are curious and impressionable.

At this time of our lives, everything we perceive leaves a deep imprint in our soul. One day, after the strange transition into adolescence and the teenage years, we find ourselves living in the adult world. We have left our childhood behind. In the same fashion, there will come a day – after we transition into old age – that we leave adulthood behind as well into another world, another dimension of existence.

It is in order to prepare for this transition that the shamans of ancient Mexico insisted on the necessity of reviewing the accounts of our lives, through a technique they called recapitulation. This process entailed the thorough review of all details of our journey in this incarnation – on earth, living through our physical bodies. It was the shamans’ claim that we are only repeating the same stories and experiences over and over again, so it’s important to get to the core of those stories. To return to the memories fixed in time where these stories originated.

In this manner, they claimed that we would discover the secret code of who we are. It I simple, but disguised under many seemingly different threads of story that we quickly lose sight of it and thus we walk around our world like blind people, weaving the fabric of our lives by meeting the same challenges time and again.

The ancient seers claimed that in order to accumulate enough personal power to face the inevitable challenges of living, we need to find and maintain our connection to our roots – much like a tree does. This entails diving deeply, again and again, into the different periods of our lives and into the time of our childhood – the time when the code of who we became was written.

During this weekend workshop, we will engage in a powerful series of Toltec movements, and recapitulate various themes of our childhood. These exercises will help us uncover the code of who we are, and become more aware of the power available to us by rooting ourselves into the energy of the earth.

If you would like to find out more or register, please contact Raphy Mendoza on or on 07840355409.

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Taking place 10am – 7pm (UK time) on:

23rd and 24th September

Back to Our Roots: Toltec Movements programme details

Location: Concord Institute

Price: £575
(deposit £150, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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