In this weekend intensive programme, we will explore many different ways to use produce that have short summer seasons. We will prepare dishes using cooking styles and techniques that work with the delicate flavours and textures of summer fruits and vegetables, and are suited to the hot weather.

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Summer Wholefood Cooking Intensive

Nourish yourself in the coming hot summer months with our signature culinary programme from master wholefoods chef Jean Torné. In the hot summer months, our food choices change and we invite you to enquire, in this 3 day workshop, how best to take care of yourself with seasonally appropriate ingredients and cooking methods.
We can respond to changes in the seasons in our kitchen, listening to these new rythms, adding intention and effort in our cooking, exploring whilst we prepare the meals our relationship with the foods which are available, with ourselves and others and what food means for each and all of us.

In this three day intensive programme, we will explore many different ways to use produce that have short summer seasons. We will prepare dishes using cooking styles and techniques that work with the delicate flavours and textures of summer fruits and vegetables, and are suited to the hot weather or sudden weather moods.

Over the weekend, we will:

  • Bring creativity and playfulness as we learn to cook with seasonal ingredients such as: raspberries, cherries, squash, fennel or tomatoes.
  • Learn a variety of light summer dishes including soups, grain salads and desserts.
  • Focus on cooking styles and techniques that simplifies our time in the kitchen during the hot weather without sacrificing flavour or nourishment.
  • Practical tips and tricks that save time throughout the cooking process – from shopping to chopping!
  • Remember our relationship with the seasonal cycles of the natural world, and understand how to use what nature provides to nourish our bodies and spirit throughout the year, here in the summer.
  • Learn how to get prepared, gathering what one needs for a dish, focusing on the task at hand, developing readiness.
  • Pay attention while you’re working, noticing the aromas, the colours and the textures arising without being distracted by the hustle & bustle of the environment.
  • Working with others to learn about ourselves, to share and bring joy and gratitude in the process.


Each day of the extended weekend we shall prepare a simple summer lunch, including quick pickles and snacks, before tuning our stoves for a more elaborate symphony we will share as a convivial dinner. A few days after the program we shall meet online to reflect on what we have learned, our experience, and respond to what we may need next in an online active coaching session that will assist in grounding the teachings and orienting you with your cooking in your own home.


The Seasonal Wholefood Cooking intensive programmes are Concord Culinary School’s signature educational offering. If you are committed to an enquiry into how foods can make a real difference in your life, this is a programme for you. If you wish to transform your relationship with the kitchen so cooking wholefoods for you and your family integrates into the fabric of your life, this is a programme that can make a difference. If you are seeking to be inspired by the magic of wholefoods and by a master trainer with over 40 years of culinary wisdom to impart, join us for a 3 day deep dive in our teaching kitchen in the Summer Wholefood Cooking programme this July.


Dishes we will cook will include:

  • Timbale of roasted and pickled summer vegetables with basil.
  • Cold or chilled noodles with grilled and ginger marinated eggplants.
  • Slow cooked marinated fish filet on a bed of summer vegetables.
  • Summer hot pot, open your creativity and taste buds.
  • Polenta, vegetables and chickpeas towers.


Click here to learn more about your facilitator Jean Torné.

The Course cost is £725 or £650 if you pay in full by July 15th.

For details on registering for this course please scroll down and click on the link below.


upcoming dates:


Friday 26th, Saturday 27th,  & Sunday 28th

10 am – 8 pm

Completion Evening – August 6th 7pm – 9pm

Each day will consist of two cooking classes, combining demonstrations and hands-on cooking.

We shall produce both a lunch and dinner meal, eating and enjoying them together at the end of each class!

Summer Wholefood Cooking Intensive participant testimonials


"I signed up for the Seasonal Cook class to learn and find more variety in my cooking, using fresh organic vegetables. During this course I was able to improve my cooking skills and learn a number of meal variations, meals I can prepare by myself. The dishes we created tasted anything from very good to extraordinary delicious. I can really recommend the wholefoods cooking courses at Concord Institute, any one of them. For me wholefoods cooking has opened up doors to a completely new way of cooking and a new and healthy way of eating."

Örjan Erikkson


"From participating in the seasonal cook I came away having got a real context of  the beingness of the cook and that bringing consciousness into the art of cooking with seasonal vegetables combined with other wholesome ingredients is vital for nourishing our ongoing development as true human beings!"

Matt Warren


"My experience of the seasonal cook was one of a beginner’s curiosity. Although it is an advanced program, I felt the approach was one of childhood wonder, and being. Jean Torné brings an incomparable depth of knowledge and presence which are infectious: in his kitchen, one cannot help but be reminded of the simple pleasures of being with the squash and onion, and to treat every action as sacred. From there, we can cook food which provides nourishment at the deepest level and supports the dreaming of our lives. That is the Seasonal Cook."

Blandine Bardeau

Summer Wholefood Cooking Intensive programme details

Location: Concord Institute

Price: £725 per person
(deposit £100, non-refundable and non-transferable)

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