Before iEvolve, I was bored with life; a vague feeling of frustration prevailed. There was a deep need for change but there was always a reason why it was not possible or would not work. I was unavailable for anything new, anything that was beyond my comfort zone. I was invited to discuss the possibility of attending iEvolve and was quite interested in the course but had no real desire to participate; I was so full of reasons why I couldn’t attend, mostly through fear based stories. After much discussion and excuse making I came to realise that the huge resistance I felt toward the course must hold something deeper, beyond the stories, something that didn’t want to change, something that wanted to “survive” in a place it knows well. I signed up and paid my deposit, telling myself I had nothing to lose. I later realised I had everything to lose, and what a gift that was…

Travelling to London was a scary proposition and as the time neared the stories intensified. On the first day of the course I began to see that we were all in the same boat, the perception I had of others was just that, a perception. We were no different beyond our individual stories and patterns. I gained the confidence to stand up and share my “story” and life with the others, and be heard without judgment, a truly liberating experience. The breaks between sessions were a chance to talk more amongst ourselves and to share the most delicious food, prepared for us with love by the assistants.

What have I gained from iEvolve? The insight into my story, something deeply ingrained, hard wired and entangled within me, to go beyond that story, to realise my true self. Words cannot do justice to what I experienced. A real deep knowing of myself, an openness, an availability to life was here! The experience was profound.

Through that experience, that realisation, I have been able to make many positive changes, to make decisions that would have previously been impossible.

For example, saying yes to The Foundation Course despite my story around time off work and circumstances that could easily have prevented me from saying yes before.

I want to share the course and my experience with anybody that is interested. I say, if you feel huge resistance to signing up then go for it, jump in and start to become available to life and all its infinite possibilities!

Jim Buckley